PROPEL Spring ’23 Update

Get ready for an exhilarating update to PROPEL! The Spring ’23 Update brings a plethora of enhancements, refinements, and additions to the platform designed to improve and streamline the user experience system wide with a heavy focus on Trials and Trial Management.  

PROPEL’s latest release is all about optimizing glanceability and improving workflows while prioritizing the information that means the most, from harmonized field names to a new glossary for credentials and the release of Trialstones. The theme underlining the entire release can be summed up as “Trials” – which have been given a complete makeover, including new Trialstones, streamlined tabs and fields, and a progress bar to keep track of trial status. 

What’s New? 

The user interface (UI) has been updated and enhanced across several areas of the platform so everything can be quickly absorbed at a glance. A key part of the updated UI is the new progress bar, which clearly shows what stage a trial is currently in. New, more visually compelling monitoring tiles have replaced checklists in various places, making content more scannable and insights digestible. See below for a look at the new real-time progress bar and pre-award Trialstones tiles.  

PROPEL Trial page with new progress bar and pre-award Trialstones.

What’s a Trialstone, you ask? Pre- and post-award trial milestones are now known as Trialstones throughout the platform. When sites complete Trialstones such as CDA Executed or PSV Complete, this information will be updated across the system – including advancing the trial stage in the new progress bar. Users can track and manage Trialstones directly from any trial page within PROPEL for improved workflows. With the new update, Trialstones can also be updated for multiple sites at once to save time.  

Another great new feature coming in this update is that trials can now be marked as high priority. Making a trial high priority adds a red star to the list view, clearly calling out trials which have been flagged. This new feature allows central team users to delineate which opportunities and trials sites should focus on first. 

We’ve only covered some of the broader highlights, but the Spring 2023 Update brings a lot of exciting new quality of life changes to PROPEL and LYNK. Full release notes and training materials have already been made available to our existing partner-clients. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us today and we’d be happy to give you a demo of our game-changing platform. 

Devana’s product development pipeline has more exciting updates and features coming soon, so stay tuned!  

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