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The Uber of the Clinical Trials Industry

By Barry Lake CEO & Executive Chairman, at  Devana Solutions LLC

June 5th, 2017

A May 30, 2017 article in Clinical Leader could not have been more suitably timed to underscore the importance of Devana Solutions® industry-leading disruptive technology that stands to completely revolutionize site selection and feasibility (www.devanasolutions.com).

The main emphasis of “Why Is Study Start-up Still So Inefficient?” is that similar studies performed 10 years apart have shown that clinical trial cycle times have not improved with site identification and initiation alone taking nearly 7 months. A decade later, too many sites still perform abysmally with 11% of all sites still failing to enroll a single patient and almost 40% of the rest enrolling just one patient! (The Clinical Leader Article: Why is study start-up still so inefficient?)

As the article concedes, some of the delays can be chalked up to rare diseases and complex protocols for more targeted investigational drugs making it harder to find suitable patients. As a result, sponsors and CROs must ratchet up the number of investigative sites and often work with “new” sites, some likely being sites the sponsor/CRO has not previously worked with and some probably completely “new” to research. Unfortunately:

  1. The extra sites mean extra costs in site identification and initiation;
  2. The sponsors and CROs lack past trial performance history on the sites that are “new to them” or “brand new sites”; therefore,
  3. Many sponsors and CROs are turning away from spreadsheets and paper-based methods and investing in databases and other solutions to try streamline and automate their ability to identify enough sites.

But, even so, only 20% of sponsor and CRO survey respondents feel the new tools and technologies for site identification are “adequate” and 40% are “completely unsatisfied” with the current state of the whole site selection process. Sounds like high time for an advanced, disruptive technology like Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES to effect a major paradigm shift in how site identification technology is deployed and site selection implemented.

The Clinical Leader article cited other technologies by two companies as gaining visibility; but, these product offerings are following much different paths than Devana Solutions® to address the demand for site timing and performance metrics at the sponsor or CRO level. Wouldn’t common sense suggest the use of a technology that captures site timing and performance metrics at the source: the research sites? Further, instead of deploying a technology with a one-way benefit like EDC technology, which captures clinical data from sites during a study for the sole benefit of the sponsor or CRO managing the study while the time-consuming data entry is forced onto site personnel, why not develop a site-metrics tracking, data analytics technology that provides mutual benefits to the sites and their sponsor and CRO clients?

Today, in the same disruptive way Uber made hailing a cab in the rain obsolete, Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES provides best-in-class CRM-like features including centralization of contacts and automated pipeline and study document tracking to save sites valuable time by replacing cumbersome spreadsheets and multiple Outlook folders. More proprietary and disruptive, simply by using IGNITE FOR SITES to manage their site work flow, the patent pending technology has been programmed with algorithms that aggregate, track and allow sites to display their actual historical and real-time site performance and timing metrics, providing complete data transparency to improve site selection and feasibility by sponsors and CROs.

As a result, in less than a year, over 130 sites and counting now benefit from IGNITE FOR SITES to save time while landing more clinical trial award letters. Not only does the Devana Solutions® technology allow experienced sites to report solid metrics on historical studies giving sponsors and CROs insight into the past performance of a site they’ve not previously contracted; but, more revolutionary, IGNITE FOR SITES tracks site metrics in real-time, giving sponsors and CROs unprecedented data transparency when research naïve sites are selected for a trial.

While some in the industry cling to cumbersome spreadsheets and paper-based methods, Devana Solutions® technology continues to disrupt with SaaS programs for top clinical trial sites and select sponsors and CROs seeking better alignment with these top sites.






Devana Solutions® is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency and data analytics technology to aid in selection of the top-performing Research Sites to align with pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs is key to reducing drug costs and curing disease. Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES cloud-based technology adds value to top Research Sites by centralizing study leads and contacts, automating pipeline administration and study document tracking to cut management time in half while proprietary algorithms simultaneously track site timing and performance metrics from study lead through trial completion. With a couple of mouse clicks, these metrics can be standardized into robust reports for drug sponsors and CROs to validate the sites’ capabilities. Devana Solutions® MATCH PERFORMANCE reduces site selection risk for sponsors and CROs by providing dashboard and report capabilities not limited simply to a site’s historical trials; but, real-time site performance & timing metrics on currently running trials, improving trial feasibility and performance while reducing clinical trial cycle time and costs. Devana Solutions® technology is leading a transformation of the clinical trials industry and each investigative site’s “Devana Score” will become the “S&P Global Ratings”-equivalent for the clinical trials industry against which clinical trial performance by sites is measured. To learn more visit https://devanasolutions.com.