Streamline Processes and Increase Efficiency at the Site Level

Manage the clinical trial process from study start-up through trial completion with an efficient and masterful operating system for the clinical research industry. Devana’s platform integrates with your clinical trial management system (CTMS) so that data points entered into either system are automatically synchronized across both platforms. Cut out duplicate data entry, boost efficiency, decrease clinical trial cycle time, and speed therapeutic advances to patients.
Eliminate duplicate data entry
Reduce clinical trial cycle time
More robust reporting by trial, site, or organization
Increased therapeutic alignment with Sponsors and CROs
Land more of the “right” trials
Speed therapeutic advances to patients
Devana fully integrates with:
Devana Solutions PROPEL integrates Advarra Clinical Conductor CTMS

Trial oversight all in one place

Customizable connections with your existing tools

The business of clinical trials requires more than just a CTMS. Devana’s open API gives you the option to integrate with tools your team already uses to manage your current tasks and win future trial awards.

How does PROPEL differ from a CTMS?

A traditional CTMS is designed to manage patient recruitment, scheduling, and study finances. But if you’re only using a CTMS, it can be hard to proficiently track enrollment and site activity, trial opportunities, timing, and performance across your entire clinical trial operations. PROPEL works in conjunction with your preferred CTMS to provide reporting and analytics across the entire clinical trial process. And because your data is securely stored in one place, drilling down into study and site-specific data and performance insights is simple. 





Pre-Award Workflow Automation

Start at lead stage and capture data in real time.

Studies are entered after PSV or Award, so must back date.

Site/Dept. Capabilities and Detailed PI Profiles

Unlimited Studies

Pay per study. Some offer "template" studies that are not billed until activated, but they are limited in quantity.

Task Management

Configurable and Automated

No Automation

Historical Data Capture

File Storage

Advanced User Permissions

 Varies by CTMS

Unlimited Configuration Across Platform

Custom Client-Specific Modules


Track Completion of Milestones

External User Interface (Portal) for Site Staff

Automated Email Notifications

Site Query to Assist with Site Selection

Trial Sharing and Site Response Capture

Capture and Track Not Interested and Not Awarded Studies


Contract and Budget

High level details and dates. Additional configuration available upon request.

Store budget with ability to assign values to patients, PIs, etc.

Payment Processing


Financial Data Capture

Budget Build Out and Analysis

With additional configuration.


Patient Database


Patient Recruitment


Patient Visit Scheduling


Patient Enrollment


Capture Screening and Enrollment

Aggregated totals by site, trial, and organization.


Unlimited Self-Service Reports and Dashboards

Cost associated either for custom reports or reporting tool add-on.

Turnaround Time Performance

Trial Performance Data: Aggregated or by Site/Dept., Trial, Organization

Only with enterprise systems.

Study Startup Metrics: Aggregated or by Site/Dept., Trial, Organization


Internal Communication Tools

 Varies by CTMS

Email Integration

Varies by CTMS

Surveys (for any use case)

Time Tracking

Calendar Integration with Outlook

See how our technology can help your organization succeed
Seamlessly share crucial data across your clinical research organization. Enable connectivity and collaboration between your centralized team and decentralized staff and study teams at Site Networks, IROs, SMOs, CROs, AMCs and Health Systems.