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Leading cloud-based SaaS provider of data analytics technology to align research sites and site networks with Sponsors and CROs to transform the Clinical Trials Industry.

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Powerful technology to help research sites and site networks fully-automate and capture data to improve operations and win more study awards in less time.

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Reliable historic performance & timing metrics 
help Sponsors and CROs select the best 
sites for clinical trials. Investigative site data synchronizing in real time helps reduce study start-up time, improve performance and speed new therapies to patients.

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Sites and site networks use performance and process data transparency to drive operational improvement  with Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES, the industry-leading site operations management and data analytics platform.

Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES is the critical technology to automate study start-up and site operations to save time while seamlessly integrating with site CTMS system and other management tools and technologies. To fully leverage the power of Devana Solutions technology, research sites and site networks using IGNITE FOR SITES can choose to become true “research partners” and align with Sponsors and CROs using MATCH PERFORMANCE. The combined platform synchronizes study start-up and performance data in real time between sites, Sponsors and CROs to cut clinical trial cycle time and speed the development of new therapies.


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Data-rich, SaaS provider of secure, cloud-based site operations management and data analytics systems for the Clinical Trials Industry.

Less Time.

Better Metrics.

More Awards.

Sponsors and CROs use MATCH PERFORMANCE data to reduce clinical trial cycle time by selecting and aligning with the best research sites and site networks using IGNITE FOR SITES to expedite study start-up.

Sponsors & CROs use MATCH PERFORMANCE to improve clinial trial performance through performance data transparency to operationally-align with the best research sites and site networks from start-up through close out.

Devana Solutions® technology gives Sponsors- CROs confidence to select the most qualified sites and site networks.

Sites and Site Networks use IGNITE FOR SITES to save valuable management time by automating contact, pipeline and site operations from initial study lead through trial completion.

Site Managers access performance data and custom reports in an instant to promote accountability and drive continuous operational improvement.

Devana Solutions® gives research sites and site networks a competitive advantage through site performance and process transparency to win more awards.

Align with Top Sites and Win More Awards with Devana Solutions®

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