The data you need.

The precision to make it count.

The data you need.

The precision to make it count.

Accelerating clinical trials through the power of connectivity & data

Never has the clinical trials industry been so critical. That’s why leading clinical research organizations turn to Devana Solutions for our bleeding-edge cloud-based products and services.

Fortifying collaboration between on-site and decentralizied research teams as well as clinicians serving patients in diverse communities is the foundation of our innovative, real-time, value-focused platform.

What Our Solutions Can Do For You
Devana's category-defining software helps standardize and accelerate clinical trial operations, making trials more efficient and reducing cycle times. Stay competitive and transform your organization's trial performance end-to-end with improved pipeline management, automated study startup workflows, and real-time metrics capture and analytics.

29.7 hrs

saved per week


increased revenue



14.25 hrs

saved per study activation


reduced contract and budget turnaround time


29.7 hours - Analysis by leading IRO (Integrated Research Organization) based on 100 new trial activations per year
40% increased revenue – By leading global site network client, 2020 vs. 2018
58.6% ROI – Estimated time savings during trial startup, activation plus increased productivity, leading IRO, approx. 100 trial activations per year
14 ¼ hours – same footnote reference as 58.6% ROI above
76% - Global Site Network, analysis conducted 6-months post-Devana PROPEL implementation vs. basic CRM combined with spreadsheets to track startup milestones

Better data.
Better decisions.
Better outcomes.

For sites, site networks,
sponsors, and CROs

Seamlessly share crucial data across your clinical research organization. Enable connectivity and collaboration between your centralized team and decentralized staff and study teams at Site Networks, IROs, SMOs, CROs, AMCs and Health Systems.
Devana Fully Integrates With

Instantly Aggregate Data

“The CRO couldn’t believe it! Within seconds of my introduction, they were holding reports and dashboards validating the predictability and reliability of our sites in the indication!”

Jeff Kingsley | Chair, COO & Founding Member | hyperCORE International

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