Navigating the Great Resignation Within the Clinical Trial Industry

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in March 2022—a trend that has continued through the summer. Paired with rising inflation costs, this so-called “Great Resignation” is straining the clinical trial industry like never before. Turnover for both patient-facing and operations staff has been on the rise, causing some trials to come to a screeching halt.  

Clinical trial software such as Devana Solutions PROPEL can help central research operations save time and money by improving workflows and streamlining pipeline management.  

Streamline Processes with Clinical Trial Software 

With high turnover comes frequent regulatory and staff updates, including updating logs, gathering new signatures, and amending databases. Designed specifically for the clinical trial industry, PROPEL provides technological support for various backend workflows, including data entry, reporting, admin support, enrollment, query resolutions, and communications. Say goodbye to duplicate data entry! 

PROPEL enables users to automate tasks and reminders to expedite study start-up and ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten as staffing situations change. Teams can also link multiple contacts, documents, and communications across each clinical trial to save time and improve performance visibility. For end-to-end operational excellence, PROPEL integrates with other mission-critical systems, such as your CTMS and Microsoft Outlook. Instead of hunting for lost communications caused by staff turnover, PROPEL creates threaded conversations and allows users to attach documents, link related calls, and even send emails and messages directly from within the platform. 

Utilizing PROPEL, operations professionals can query site capabilities based on therapeutic expertise, investigator and staff certifications, physical site facilities, and more. This enables teams to efficiently share protocols digitally and distribute trial opportunities and documentation to study teams without the need for external communications or cumbersome old databases, saving both time and money. In addition, PROPEL is entirely cloud-based, which makes it simple for remote and decentralized users to log in and execute. 

Specifically designed for efficiency, PROPEL enables teams impacted by turnover and decreased budgets to accomplish more with less. 

Devana Solutions 

Devana Solutions is an innovative cloud-based clinical trial software company that supports real-time collaboration between central research operations professionals and decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse communities. Devana Solutions even bridges the technology access and data divide by seamlessly and securely connecting decentralized researchers to other mission-critical clinical trial systems. 

Let us show you in more detail what Better Data, Better Decisions, and Better Outcomes could do for your clinical trial processes. Book a demo with Devana Solutions today to learn about our cloud-based data analytics clinical trial software for the clinical trials industry that integrates seamlessly with CTMS and other key systems to keep success in the crosshairs.