Effectively Manage Decentralized Sites with Clinical Trial Software

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more organizations have been exploring the possibilities of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). Decentralized trials have many benefits, including accelerated patient access, improved patient engagement and retention, and increased diversity. Unfortunately, these benefits also come with challenges such as reduced collaboration and limited data access.

Clinical trial software such as Devana Solutions PROPEL can help central research operations connect to decentralized site staff during study startup through trial completion, regardless of site location.

Increase Collaboration, Data-Sharing, and Visibility Across DCTs

Devana Solution’s cloud-based software seamlessly and securely connects central research sites, CROs, Sponsors, and decentralized sites, facilitating real-time collaboration and sharing of data. Our solutions allow research operations professionals to share protocols, contracts, budgets, and other supporting trial documentation with decentralized sites, speeding study startup and improving visibility across the trial’s network.

Forget managing cumbersome emails, phone calls, and lengthy meetings—central teams can communicate directly to sites within PROPEL, and all correspondence is logged for future reference. Sites can also update their key milestones via our LYNK interface, ensuring the central team is always aware of the status of the trial. Central research teams can even assign tasks to sites and view what has been completed and remains outstanding.

Instead of manually searching for opportunities or site-specific details, PROPEL allows users to query all sites, filter key data, and collate opportunities. Customizable dashboards and reports provide real-time visibility and help centralized and site-based decision-makers gain actionable insights. The Devana Solutions platform can connect every functional group in a network’s entire organization, from business development and regulatory to finance and leadership.

By leveraging the cloud to connect central teams with site-based clinicians and staff for real-time collaboration, PROPEL provides easy access and visibility to trial, site, user, and contact data across your network—helping to bridge data gaps, secure more trial opportunities, hit more targets, and win more awards.

Devana Solutions

Devana Solutions is an innovative cloud-based clinical trial software company that supports real-time collaboration between central research operations professionals and decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse communities. Our platform bridges the technology access and data divide by seamlessly and securely connecting decentralized researchers to other mission-critical clinical trial systems.

Let us show you in more detail what Better Data, Better Decisions, and Better Outcomes could do for your clinical trial processes. Book a demo with Devana Solutions today to learn about our cloud-based data analytics clinical trial software for the clinical trials industry that integrates seamlessly with CTMS and other key systems to keep success in the crosshairs.