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3.4 Update - Enhancements & Improvements

With this release we’ve listened to requests and focused on improving your experience and quality of life when using PROPEL.


Send Questions to Sites
  • Send a quick specific set of questions to your potential sites, allowing you to get key information and insight
  • Track responses and pull a report of sites’ answers to easily access and compare answers


Edit Multiple Records at Once
  • Easily edit multiple records at one time without having to leave a list page. Updates can now be made faster and more efficiently


Reschedule a Survey
  • Easily change your survey’s scheduled send time by selecting the newly added 
“Reschedule” button and entering a new time and date, saving you the step of having to cancel and resend 


Access Related Items Faster
  • We’ve reviewed and restructured the Related Panel to make it more organized and easier to find relevant items


Do you have duplicate Contacts or Accounts? You can now request the ability to merge duplicate records. Simply submit a case or reach out to your CS representative to begin setting up this feature.

Once set up, easily identify potential duplicates, and select which data to keep when merging records.

Other Releases

3.3 Update - Documents, Budgets, Notes, & Revenue Forecasting

With this exciting release we’ve introduced and enhanced multiple highly-requested features.

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3.2 Update - Historical Enrollment Capture

Based on your settings, PROPEL can now capture enrollment metrics over time that you can easily access and view.

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3.1 Update - Survey Feature

Create and send surveys across your organization and to contacts. Minor updates to site response and the Trial Management hub.

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