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3.3 Update - Budgets, Notes, Revenue Forecasting, & Document Management


Create Budgets Across trials and Sites
  • Create trial budgets and push them down to sites
  • Add as many budget items as you would like to a budget
  • Track Projected, Initial, and Agreed Upon amounts across sites
  • Create as many budgets as you need for a trial


Create and Organize Notes
  • Easily create a note from any page with the "New Note" button
  • Quickly access notes from the related panel without breaking your workflow
  • Enter whatever details you need with the rich text editor, and then categorize your note for easy filtering later
  • Associate a note to as many records as you want


Generate a Forecast for a Trial at a Site
  • Create a revenue forecast easily from any Site Activity record
  • Simply enter the forecast start date, fill out any other key dates and numbers, and select the calculation method
  • Forecasts display as a table on the Site Activity record, and can be recreated at any time
  • Enter your actual numbers in the table as the trial progresses


Create, Track, and Organize Documents
  • Easily organize and access your documents from almost any record page
  • Update and monitor a document’s status
  • Track a document’s version history by adding amendments and revisions
  • Associate documents with any record so you can quickly find important documents wherever you are


Convert your important files into documents to get the full value out of the Document Management feature using the "Convert to Document" button in the related panel of each record. Simply select the file you would like to convert and enter any details you would like on the document record.

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3.1 Update - Survey Feature

Create and send surveys across your organization and to contacts. Minor updates to site response and the Trial Management hub.

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