Devana Solutions Connects Research Operations and Business Intelligence at Scale with Clinical Conductor Integration

A new interface between Devana’s IGNITE and PROPEL products and Advarra’s Cloud-Based Clinical Trial Management System establishes an end-to-end solution for efficient research conduct and world-class business intelligence.

CHAPEL HILL, NC (March 10, 2022)Devana Solutions is pleased to announce a new, at scale CTMS- integration solution for research organizations utilizing Advarra’s Clinical Conductor Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), improving efficiency, and providing research sites with actionable insights across their entire research portfolio.

The Devana <-> Advarra integration is a dynamic, bi-directional data and process flow between Devana’s IGNITE and PROPEL products, and Advarra’s industry-leading Clinical Conductor CTMS. Following the natural progression of a trial, the trial startup begins in Devana, flows through Clinical Conductor for clinical execution and research operations management, and then back to Devana for end-to-end business intelligence. Enrollment performance metrics are derived automatically and pulled into the Devana system as research teams are interacting with Clinical Conductor, reducing duplicative workflows within the systems.

The robust and sought-after analytics, available within the Devana systems, offer configurable views to analyze performance data, by trial or indication, by site, or organization-wide. Combined with Clinical Conductor’s ability to optimize operational finances, regulatory compliance, and overall operational workflows, these integrated products provide a seamless, comprehensive, clinical research solution. After a very thorough and thoughtful technical approach, the Devana <-> Advarra CTMS integration is now live for all Clinical Conductor customers.

“At Devana Solutions, we have always prided ourselves in listening to our clients and being attentive to their needs,” explained Barry Lake, Devana Solutions’ CEO. “So, when the leadership at highly-valued client-partners, Javara Research and Velocity Clinical Research, encouraged an API-integration with Advarra’s Clinical Conductor CTMS to better support their study teams, we were eager to explore it.”

“We were pleased to work closely with the team at Advarra and the integration of both systems has increased our clients’ operational efficiency. We look forward to deploying the connection for the benefit of additional mutual clients. Working together, as an industry, we can and will move mountains!” added Lake.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Devana and our customers on this innovative interface,” said James Wurdeman, Chief Product Officer at Advarra. “Devana’s approach to developing this integration aligns with our philosophy of creating site-centric, open, customer-focused technology solutions that can be integrated with enterprise systems across a research site or site network.”

Devana Solutions now boasts integrations with several leading CTMS technologies on the market. These integrations speak to more than just added convenience and increased efficiencies; they’re speeding up the clinical trial process resulting in improved clinical outcomes and therapies to patients.

About Devana Solutions

Decentralized clinical trials and work-from-anywhere is now a reality. Devana Solutions innovative cloud platform supports real-time collaboration between central research operations professionals and decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse communities. Devana even bridges the technology access and data divide by seamlessly and securely connecting decentralized researchers to other mission-critical clinical trials systems. From pipeline administration to rapid study startup automation. From document-sharing through the capture, display, analysis, and exchange of key trial performance metrics data from central research leaders to decentralized trial teams. From investigative site to CRO to trial sponsor, Devana Solutions is the answer. At Devana Solutions, we’re transforming the business of clinical trials.

About Advarra

Advarra makes clinical research safer, smarter, and faster. Our integrated solutions help safeguard trial participants, empower clinical sites, ensure compliance, and optimize research performance for over 3,500 sponsors, CROs, institutions, academic medical centers, and research consortia.

With trusted and unequaled independent oversight committee services, innovative software solutions for sites, sponsors, and CROs, and experienced consultants with deep-seated connections across the industry, Advarra has the expertise and technology needed to advance clinical research and help our clients make the world a healthier place.

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, Advarra’s extensive geographic reach helps clients navigate the evolving research and regulatory environment.