3 Key Differences Between PROPEL and CTMS

High staff turnover and burnout have been trending topics in the clinical trials industry over the last year. The goal of successful clinical trials is to get new treatments to market as quickly and safely as possible; however, the process from study startup to study completion is lengthy, and staff turnover causes disruption. With the right technology, standard pre-enrollment steps can be streamlined, automated, and accelerated across your site or site network—ensuring business intelligence is neither overlooked nor forgotten as staffing situations change. 

Furthermore, speeding up the pre-enrollment process can help increase diversity in clinical trials by onboarding sites faster, making your organization look more attractive to sponsors and CROs. 


A traditional clinical trial management system (CTMS) is designed to manage patient recruitment, scheduling, and study finances. But if you’re only using a CTMS, it can be hard to proficiently track enrollment and site activity, trial opportunities, timing, and performance across your entire clinical trial operations.   

Fig.1 Unique within the clinical trials industry, PROPEL is an all-inclusive pipeline, startup, trial intelligence, and automation system.

Built for clinical trials, PROPEL is uniquely different from a CTMS. On average, site networks save almost 30 hours of time per week and increase revenue by 40% throughout the end-to-end clinical trial process with PROPEL’s improved workflows, study startup automation, and seamless integrations with popular CTMS and other mission-critical systems for end-to-end operational excellence. With PROPEL, information silos are replaced with organization-wide visibility into trial data and operations. While your CTMS is triggered at recruitment or post-enrollment, PROPEL is involved from initial pipeline management all the way through to study completion and analysis.  

1. Study Startup Automation  

PROPEL is a comprehensive solution that optimizes study startup and performance. Unlike a CTMS, our category-defining technology allows you to automate your pipeline of trials and your study startup. This allows users to seamlessly track and update milestones throughout the entire startup process. PROPEL transforms the pre-enrollment and study startup process in addition to providing wrap-around reporting every step of the way.   

2. Advanced Custom Analytics & Reporting (from initial pipeline management to study completion) 

Although CTMS includes metrics such as study enrollment, visit tracking, and protocol deviation logs, they do not include other essential insights that give you a comprehensive view of your organization. With PROPEL, users can leverage additional key metrics such as turnaround timing, study opportunities, and overall study performance reports—enabling you to quickly identify and address bottlenecks to boost startup efficiency and trial performance. PROPEL includes custom dashboards and reports to easily see and share real-time performance metrics by sponsor, CRO, site, indication, and more.  

3. 360-degree View of Your Clinical Trial Operations 

As opposed to a stand-alone CTMS, PROPEL enable sites to store everything related to ongoing and historical trials all in one place. Now, you can attach documents, emails, call logs, and more to individual study records—saving time and eliminating needless email chains, calls, and meetings. Custom tasks, alerts, and real-time threaded chat conversations facilitate cross-functional communication for both central and remote teams. With PROPEL, teams can improve workflows, freeing staff from repetitive tasks and multiple clunky systems so they can focus on winning new opportunities. 

See a full breakdown of how PROPEL compares to a CTMS. 

Seamless Integrations with Industry-Leading CTMS 

PROPEL works in conjunction with your preferred CTMS to provide reporting and analytics across the entire clinical trial process. Data points entered into either system are automatically synchronized across both platforms—cutting out duplicate data entry, boosting efficiency, and decreasing clinical trial cycle times. And because your data is securely stored in one place, drilling down into study and site-specific data and performance insights is simple. 

But PROPEL’s integrations don’t stop at your CTMS. From contact management to email marketing, our open API gives you the power to integrate the tools your team is already using to be successful. Now you can truly have access to all the data and information you need—all in one place.  

From start to finish, PROPEL speeds up the entire clinical trial process, ultimately allowing your organization to respond to more trials and win more of the right awards.  

Already have a CTMS or looking to get one? PROPEL integrates with top CTMS solutions, including RealTime, CRIO, and Advarra’s Clinical Conductor.  

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