Case Study: Integrated Site Network

Director, Top Integrated Research Network in US

Devana Solutions® and the IGNITE platform has been a key element to providing robust Data Driven Feasibility.  Adopting the platform enterprise wide across our site network has generated substantial efficiencies that have allowed us to dedicate staff and resources to other tasks.

Prior to using the Devana Solutions® platform we were unable to accurately measure turn-around times without cumbersome spreadsheets. Within 3 months of launch we were measuring our turn-around times and within 6 months have shown a 66% reduction in our contract turn-around (90 days to 30 days) and a 33% reduction in our feasibility turn around (6 days to 4 days). 

Having real time business analytics and compelling data has allowed us to demonstrate past performance, align with the right trials, win new business, and start-up faster, all key elements to drive successful trial outcomes for our industry partners.


A highly respected and top performing Site Organization was challenged with an inability to accurately measure turn-around times without cumbersome spreadsheets.   This was additionally complex given its 14 locations and 54 investigative sites, spread across the mid-Atlantic region of the US.


A goal of drastically reducing study start  up time was put into place by the Leadership team.


Leadership team commits to adopting IGNITE organization wide, and within 6 months the Sponsor/CRO Feasibility Request Turnaround Time average is reduced from 6 days to 4 days.  Further, Sponsor/CRO contract received to fully-executed time is cut from an average of 90 days to just 22 days, a 76% reduction in time.

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