Case Study:

Accellacare (ICON’s Global Site Network) & Oncacare (new specialized oncology site network)

with over 3,000 completed trials and 250 investigators

Accellacare is a global clinical research network increasing patient recruitment and retention with a patient-centric approach. The organization extends across the globe with 153 active research sites in eight countries with expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas. It has relationships with more than 275 principal investigators, connecting it to 8.5 million+ patients.

The Challenge: Integrated Site Network

  • Leadership lacked trial pipeline transparency and the ability to measure study startup cycle time or to report and analyze historic and current trial performance data for accurate trial feasibility and selection

The Need: Process & Performance Transparency

  • Leadership adopts Devana Solutions PROPEL platform in early 2017
  • Intense sponsor & CRO pressure for trial cycle time reduction, particularly in study startup
  • Leadership sets an aggressive goal to drastically reduce feasibility request, contract, and budget turnaround times within six months or less

The Outcome: Accelerated Study Startup Cycle Time

  • Sponsor and CRO feasibility request turnaround time average was compressed from six days to less than four days
  • Time frame for receipt of study contract and budget to fully-executed contract was slashed from an average of 90 days to just 22 days, a 76% reduction in time
  • Site network revenue increased by 40% in the two years after the adoption of Devana Solutions platform
  • The global site network increased its research footprint by adding the former MeDiNova’s 60 sites across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as the in-home trial services of Symphony Clinical Research in 2019
  • In September 2020, Accellacare, now a 153-site global research network, was officially launched by ICON, the global CRO and parent company; Accellacare now boasts central feasibility and process management, including the budget, contracting, and fine-tuned feasibility approach provided by Devana Solutions as key to integrated patient, site, and data strategy


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