Advancing Clinical Trial Site Management: Strategies for Improved Performance

One common frustration in the initiation phase of clinical trials is the frequent occurrence of delays. In an analysis published by Nature, nearly a quarter of all trials experienced setbacks due to strategic issues, commercial barriers, and operational challenges. The financial repercussions of such setbacks are significant, with drug developers facing potential losses ranging from $600,000 to $8 million per day. While this statistic is commonly seen as the cost of doing business, effective site management empowered by the right technology can help save time and money throughout the life of a clinical trial. 

Devana Solutions’ PROPEL platform provides a cutting-edge solution designed to transform site management and empower central and site-based teams alike with tools for accelerating study startup, improving site turnaround times, and more. PROPEL fosters a strong connection between both teams, allowing for interactions during study startup and beyond, from collaborating on contracts and budgets for a given trial to determining equipment needs for upcoming studies. Based on internal analysis, clients have saved up to 14.25 hours per study activation and a 76% reduced contract and budget turnaround time thanks to PROPEL’s unique streamlined workflows and improved trial management tools. 

Establish Centralized Operations 

It is crucial for clinical research sites to have a central and reliable source of information for all aspects of a clinical trial. From study startup to regulatory document management, PROPEL consolidates critical functions into a single, user-friendly platform and serves as the centralized hub and project management tool for both central and site-based teams.  

PROPEL Trial Record.

With consolidated operations, research organizations can more easily develop standardized processes across all sites and teams – saving time and money. PROPEL’s advanced study startup and project management tools allow trials to progress quickly, with automated alerts keeping everyone on task. PROPEL’s comprehensive site and contact profiles also help with site management and oversight, storing all related documents and information for a given site, investigator, office staff member, vendor, and more. Users are notified of expiring certifications and can easily share updates to keep profiles current. 

But PROPEL doesn’t stop at sites and operations teams – it connects every functional group in the organization, including business development, feasibility, finance, regulatory, leadership, and more, – keeping everyone on the same page using a secure, shared platform. This streamlining of operations enhances efficiency, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures that sites can focus on what matters most – helping patients and advancing clinical trials. 

Boost Collaboration 

Effective and timely collaboration is the heartbeat of successful clinical trials. PROPEL facilitates seamless communication among research sites, central team members, leadership, sponsors, CROs, and other stakeholders. Its integrated features such as threaded chat conversations enable real-time sharing of information, documents, progress updates, and feedback – fostering a collaborative environment that accelerates decision-making and enhances the overall efficiency of individual sites. All correspondence is also logged for future reference and reporting.   

When it comes to selecting a site for a trial, PROPEL allows central teams to query all sites in their network, filter key capabilities and equipment, and send opportunities directly within the platform. Sites are notified upon receiving a new trial opportunity, allowing them to review the specifics, determine the best investigator, and instantly provide feedback to central teams – all using the same system. There’s no need to sift through emails or physical files because all the necessary information is located within PROPEL. As sites respond to opportunities, the system tracks all responses and turnaround timing metrics.  

Once a trial begins, research professionals can quickly share protocols, contracts, and other supporting trial documentation and updates with each other, no matter their location. Both site and central team members can also update milestones as trials progress – speeding study startup and improving visibility across the organization. 

Implement Data-Driven Decision-Making 

PROPEL Site Activity Dashboard.

For leadership teams, PROPEL goes beyond simple data management by offering powerful analytic tools. Organizations can leverage PROPEL’s custom dashboards and reports to gain actionable insights into trends such as patient recruitment, site performance, and more. This empowers central team members to make data-driven decisions on the fly, allowing them to react quickly to changes and new information as they optimize resource allocation, improve recruitment strategies, and enhance overall trial outcomes. 

Final Thoughts 

Standing out to CROs and sponsors is a critical feat for sites looking to grow their business and win more trial opportunities. In general, CROs and sponsors are looking for sites and networks with past experience in a given indication, good patient recruitment and retention rates, and overall quick turnaround times. PROPEL helps sites capture this data automatically as trials progress through the systems and displays it in the form of powerful dashboards and reports, making your data easy to share with both internal and external stakeholders. Quickly see which indications you’ve had the most success in, turnaround timing metrics for site activities, and real-time patient enrollment numbers at any time – all evidence for how well your site could perform on a new trial opportunity, giving you better leverage for winning new studies and negotiating terms.  

PROPEL offers a first-of-its-kind solution to mitigate delays, optimize resource allocation, and accelerate the pace of clinical research. A centralized platform strengthens operational excellence across clinical research site organizations to enhance collaboration and empower data-driven insights. PROPEL provides easy access and visibility into trial and site metrics across your network – helping to bridge data gaps, reduce delays, and ultimately, secure and complete more trial opportunities. 

Devana Solutions  

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