2023 SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit: What to Expect

Each year, the clinical trials industry looks forward to the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit – a conference where sites, Sponsors, CROs, and regulators come together to share ideas, attend workshops, and enjoy networking events. This year’s theme is Ignite the Possibilities, an exciting prospect in an industry rife with new technologies and partnerships.  

As a Premier Sponsor and frequent Summit exhibitor, Devana Solutions is here to be your guide on all the exciting activities coming in October. 

Must-Attend Events

As you begin to fill out your calendar, here’s a quick look at some of the must-see events on the Summit agenda: 

Friday, October 6 at 5:45pm – Kickoff Networking Reception in Expo Hall 

Be sure to stop by the Devana Solutions Booth 507 and test your skills in our VR archery competition! Devana herself will be present to defend her high score, take photos, and share in the Summit fun. 

Saturday, October 7 at 4:15pm – Breakout Session IV, How to Stand Out as a Site and Be Selected for Studies 

Facilitated by Devana Solutions’ CEO & Co-Founder, Barry Lake, hear from expert panelists as they share advice on how to become a partner site of choice, how to navigate key elements of the study startup process, and get tips and metrics from sponsors and CROs to help improve your site’s viability.  

Featuring Jillian Agnew, Senior Clinical Research Nurse, St. Johns Center for Clinical Research, Karen McIntyre, Global Site Alliances, Parexel, Lindsey Morales, Associate Director of Clinical Operations, Gilead, and Karen Pypniowski, Vice President of Feasibility & Site Operations, Circuit Clinical. 

Saturday, October 7 at 7:15pm – Eagle Award Gala and Awards Dinner 

Enjoy an evening of fine dining and celebrate the best-of-the-best in our industry! Devana Solutions is proud to once again sponsor the Summit Standout Awards, recognizing exhibitors and attendees who bring unique solutions and noteworthy energy to the Summit. 

Expand Your Network

One of the highlights of the Summit is the multitude of networking events. From the moment you step foot into the venue, you will have ample opportunities to meet and mingle with like-minded professionals. These events are carefully planned to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration, making it easier for you to strike up conversations, exchange business cards, and forge valuable relationships. 

But networking at the SCRS Site Solutions Summit goes beyond simply meeting new people. The speaker sessions are another venue for you to interact with industry veterans and thought leaders. After each session, you have the chance to approach the panelists and engage in meaningful conversations. This is your opportunity to pick their brains, ask burning questions, and gain valuable insights that you can apply to your own work. 

And don’t forget, these connections you make at the Summit may someday lead to exciting business opportunities! Many success stories have emerged from chance encounters at industry events like this. By actively engaging in networking and building relationships, you open yourself up to potential collaborations, partnerships, and even career advancements.

Relax and Enjoy

In comparison to many industry events, the Summit is known for being more laid back and fun. Food and drinks will be in ample supply, as will socializing options. And you can’t beat the Diplomat Hotel’s location right on the beach! 

Throughout the Summit, Devana Solutions will be offering live demos of our revolutionary PROPEL software. Come see how we can help your organization stay competitive by transforming your trial performance end-to-end with improved workflows, automated study startup, and real-time metrics capture and analytics. Sign up for an in-person demo during the Summit and be entered to win a $250 gift card!  

We’re looking forward to meeting you at this year’s SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit! Follow us on LinkedIn and we’ll see you soon! 

Devana Solutions 

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