2023 SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit: The Power of Clinical Trial Software

This year’s SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit will soon be upon us. Like many others in the clinical trial industry, Devana Solutions is looking forward to networking with everyone in person and attending informative panel discussions.  

In between the exciting agenda items, remember to take some time and explore the exhibition hall. Stop by Booth 507 and learn how you can join the ranks of the top site organizations in the world with PROPEL, our ground-breaking clinical trial software. 

Join the Ranks of the Best

Did you know PROPEL is the go-to platform for the industry’s top site networks? But what sets PROPEL apart and makes it the ultimate game-changer for the clinical trials industry? The secret lies in its purpose-built design. PROPEL was tailor-made to cater exclusively to the needs of the clinical trials industry, meaning it understands the challenges and intricacies like no other platform out there.  

Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to managing your clinical trials. Join the ranks of those who have already unlocked the full potential of PROPEL! Experience the transformation for yourself and discover why PROPEL is the platform of choice in the industry. Stay competitive and transform your organization’s trial performance end-to-end:   

  • Clinical Trial Pipeline Administration 
  • Study Startup Automation 
  • Trial Management and Monitoring 
  • Performance Metrics Capture and Analytics 

Ready to take your site organization to the next level? Visit Booth 507 to learn how we can propel your organization forward. 

Meet Team Devana 

While attending the Summit, be sure to come see Team Devana at Booth 507 for a free demo of our clinical trial data management software. Several of our team members will be in attendance, including our CEO and Co-Founder Barry Lake, Executive Vice President of Operations Linda Parks, Executive Vice President of Program Management Deb Bawcom, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships Michael Bonavilla, Director of Solutions Services Roxanne Shenefield, and Product Designer Meganne Forrestall. 

Be sure to connect with us and add visiting Booth 507 to your to-do list! 

Devana Solutions 

Devana Solutions is an innovative cloud-based clinical trial software company that supports real-time collaboration between central research operations professionals and decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse communities. Our platform bridges the technology access and data divide by seamlessly and securely connecting decentralized researchers to other mission-critical clinical trial systems. 

Let us show you in more detail what Better Data, Better Decisions, and Better Outcomes could do for your clinical trial processes. Book a demo with Devana Solutions today to learn about our cloud-based data analytics clinical trial software for the clinical trials industry that integrates seamlessly with CTMS and other key systems to keep success in the crosshairs.