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As we continue to forge through the pandemic, most businesses in this industry have been forced to rethink their current business models. What will clinical trial sites look like now? Perhaps we will see a rise in virtual trials. Maybe we allow some of our employees to work remotely. Possibly a change to our sick policies. Whatever the changes we decide to make, one thing is certain, we must prepare now, since we have been shown that we are not immune to a global health crisis. At Devana Solutions, LLC, we are committed to supporting sites as they make their preparations.

One of our newest client-partners, Segal Trials, a network of six research sites specializing in Phase I-IV trials in Psychiatry and Women’s Health Disorders, has been adjusting their business operations in light of the pandemic. Along with new capabilities, including virtual and in-home visits, they have adopted new technologies to ensure sustainability in our changing industry. They have accomplished these changes without losing site of the community they serve by hosting several mental health and clinical trials awareness events in the month of May, with safety precautions in place, of course.

“Being able to support sites like Segal Trials in their efforts to adapt to this new reality is what Devana Solutions is all about. We hope that through the efficiency that our technology offers, sites are able to focus on what’s most important, the patients,” said Emily Wike, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Devana Solutions, LLC.

Bonnie Segal, President of Segal Trials, commented, “the pandemic made it very clear to us that we need to modify our business model to meet the needs of our evolving industry. Our new partnership with Devana Solutions will be a critical tool for us to make our vision become a reality.”

Although the world has been a bit grim as of late, we are nothing but optimistic for the future of the clinical research industry. Working with sites like Segal Trials, that have remained steadfast in their mission to advance medical research, despite many obstacles, is what gives us hope.

Check out Segal Trials newest capabilities along with their patient and staff centric initiatives here

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