Case Study:

Medical University of South Carolina

A prestigious academic research institution, MUSC has access to 1,200,000 patients. It receives hundreds of inbound clinical trial feasibility survey requests from pharma sponsors and CROs every day.

The Challenge: Academic Research Center

  • Feasibility analysis team lacked transparency into trial performance data across footprint of 500 physician investigators, 1400+ clinical trials completed, and 250+ active trials
  • No ability to gauge past trial success or failures, current physician investigator expertise, or study team bandwidth
  • Trial selection and start-up process was tied to research staff’s memory and cumbersome spreadsheets
  • System not scalable or efficient; no ability to provide crucial KPIs to institutional leadership

The Need: Performance Data Transparency

  • Devana Solutions’ common cloud-based platform for research opportunities and collaborations, office of clinical research
  • A standardized, automated process for organizing historic, active trial data and managing inbound feasibility requests, study start-up workflows and milestones
  • Ability to capture and analyze historic and real-time trial performance metrics for improved feasibility and trial selection

The Outcome: Better Data. Better Decisions.

  • Within 12 weeks of system deployment, MUSC’s office of clinical research had access to organized, transparent trial performance data, and standardized workflows for feasibility analysis and trial investigator selection
  • Key performance metrics were easy to access, analyze and report on in real time, including patient enrollment, contract met percentage, current study stage, and completed startup milestones and turnaround time
  • Trial performance transparency led to increased trial volume across entire institution—now 600 Investigators, 300+ active clinical trials, 1700+historic completed trials


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