ACRP and Devana Solutions® Launch First Annual Site Metrics Challenge Study

(Chapel Hill, NC) April 2, 2018  – In Collaboration with Industry-Leading Site Networks

Washington, DC – The Association of Clinical Research Professionals, a non-profit setting standards for clinical research competence and workforce development, and Devana Solutions today announce an initiative to analyze research site and network performance data based on workforce qualification.

The study will analyze site and network timing and performance metrics data relative to clinical site staff training and development initiatives.

The year-long study, known as the 2018-2019 Annual Site Metrics Challenge Study, will be headlined by three industry-leading integrated site networks, including: IACT Health, a 10-site network throughout Georgia; LMC|Manna Research, an 18-site network across Canada; and PMG Research, Inc., a network of 14 integrated sites based in North Carolina and operating in the Mid-Atlantic & Midwest regions.

“In support of ACRP’s workforce development goals, we believe it is critical to analyze site staffing, training, and development training initiatives and their impact on performance,” says Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director. “Since Devana Solutions’ software helps sites capture key metrics for display and analysis, it is a natural fit to collaborate with them on the study.”

“Our industry is notoriously slow to change,” adds Barry Lake, CEO of Devana Solutions, “but it’s starting to realize the need for data and analytics to improve clinical trial efficiency. Now, with industry-leading site networks such as PMG Research, LMC-Manna Research, and IACT Health having embraced our technology to drive operational analysis and improvement, it was a given to have these three leading organizations headline the first Annual Site Metrics Challenge Study.”

“Making the clinical research community stronger is central to ACRP and a core value shared by all leaders in the clinical trials industry,” stated Dr. Jeff Kingsley, CEO, IACT Health, “we are pleased to headline this effort with our industry peers.”

“Training and continuing education have always been central at LMC|Manna Research,” says Karri Venn, President, Research, “and we’ve always been supportive of ACRP’s efforts in raising the standards in the professional development of those involved in clinical research. We applaud ACRP and Devana Solutions in studying performance in such a holistic way and are excited to participate.”

“PMG Research has always embraced technology innovation as an important way to develop our business and fulfil our goal of bringing clinical research to as many people as possible,” says Kathy Cole, PMG’s Associate Director of Feasibility, “so helping lead this study for ACRP and Devana Solutions is a perfect fit.”

The ACRP – Devana Solutions Annual Site Metrics Challenge Study kicks off at the ACRP 2018 annual conference, April 27-30 at National Harbor, MD, just outside Washington, DC, and continues through the ACRP 2019 annual conference. Visit Devana Solutions at ACRP 2018 in Booth 304 to learn more and sign up.

Every research site or network using Devana Solutions’ IGNITE FOR SITES operational platform is encouraged to participate. Site and network category leaders will be recognized at ACRP 2019 in Nashville, TN.

For sites interested in participating but not yet benefitting from the IGNITE FOR SITES technology, Devana Solutions will be running promotional pricing and incentives from now through ACRP 2018.

About ACRP

ACRP supports clinical research professionals through membership, training and development, and certification. Founded in 1976, ACRP is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization with more than 13,000 members who work in clinical research in more than 70 countries. ACRP’s vision is that clinical research is performed ethically, responsibly, and professionally everywhere in the world. ACRP’s mission is to promote excellence in clinical research.

About Devana Solutions

Devana Solutions®, LLC is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to selection of the top performing research sites to align with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease. Devana Solutions® offers two platforms, IGNITE FOR SITES and MATCH PERFORMANCE, to provide historical and real-time data capture, aggregation and display to drug development stakeholders.

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