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3.0 Update - Trial Management

With this exciting release we’ve improved and streamlined user experience across several areas, with a heavy focus on Trials & Trial Management.


Enhanced Trial Tracking
  • Introduced “Trialstones” and visualizations to track sites’ progress
  • Track trial and site activity history
  • Post files and messages to the feeds of multiple sites on a trial
  • Track trial progress with a progress bar
  • Monitor site progress with red, yellow, and green counts
  • Conditional charts based on site status and site responses have been added


Manage your trials and sites centrally
  • Update Trial Stage has been evolved into the Trial Management hub
  • Update and manage Trialstones directly from the page
  • Push projections down to multiple sites
  • Determine what trialstones are required for selected sites
  • Deactivate and Reactivate trials


Putting the Power in Power User
  • Manage standard notifications and request custom notifications once implemented (alert, email, feed post) with the BETA Notification Management Feature
  • Make a New User Change Request from an easy-to-find button in the upper right of the homepage


General Updates
  • Investigator Specialty section has been updated
  • Contact’s Credentials section has been enhanced and completely reworked
  • ‘Site Location’ has been universally changed to ‘Site Profile’
  • Optimized glanceability and improved workflows with harmonized field names, a new glossary for credentials, performance tracking, and more


Access Multiple Site Profiles
  • Easily jump between sites using LYNK’s Site Switcher
  • See which site you are on no matter where you are in LYNK
  • Track site’s progress on a trial with a progress bar


Accidentally mark a trialstone as completed? Simply remove the incorrect date, and save. The furthest completed trialstone will now be out of sync with the status and a banner will display on the Site Activity record alerting you to the mismatch. To sync them back up, simply hit “refresh status” in the banner. If multiple sites are out of sync, you can refresh multiple from the Trial Management hub on the trial page.

Other Releases

3.2 Update - Historical Enrollment Capture

Based on your settings, PROPEL can now capture enrollment metrics over time that you can easily access and view.

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3.1 Update - Survey Feature

Create and send surveys across your organization and to contacts. Minor updates to site response and the Trial Management hub.

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