Top 5 Metrics for Winning More Studies: Part 2


Last week we featured the Top 5 Metrics for Winning More Studies, Part 1. In part 2 of our feature, we’ll introduce you to the Devana Solutions IGNITE platform for Sites. IGNITE is an easy-to-use software platform that simplifies the complex pipeline management process by consolidating all trial opportunities in one place.  IGNITE makes the management of business development, contact management, start-up activities, study execution and performance metrics easier and faster.

Purpose & Value Proposition.


  1. An end to end solution to easily capture data, or manage data form other systems such as CTMS.
  2. Track and report all timing and performance metrics.
  3. One custom platform for transparency, efficiency and accountability.
  4. Better data helps operations to:
    • Identify bottlenecks, implement improvements and performance benchmarks
    • Increase revenue by negotiating from a position of strength, trend identification and optimizing trial opportunities.
    • Demonstrate reliability, predictability and accountability to Sponsors/CROs.
    • Use data trends to allocate resources, develop new capabilities and identity areas for growth.

Trial Milestone Tracking & Reporting.


  1. Customized milestones and workflows to manage entire start up process.
  2. Real-time metrics and reports on individual and aggregate trial performance.
  3. Current recruitment numbers, enrollment rate and contract percentage.
  4. Trial stage automatically advances as milestones are completed.
  5. Compare internal vs. Sponsor/CRO timelines for key milestones.
  6. Track key budget and negotiation details.
  7. Automated and custom reminders and tasks assigned to staff for key milestones.

Timing and Performance Metrics Reports.


  1. Combined trial data for analysis and trend identification.
  2. 100+ standard reports.
  3. Unlimited custom reports
  4. Export, print, or create a visual dashboard.
  5. View data for any time-frame.

Real-Time Study Status Reports.



  1. View full study pipeline, stage and compare progress across all sites.
  2. Full visibility of workflows and next steps across the team- saves time and reduces risk.
  3. Establish benchmarks to improve efficiency and measure improvement.

Devana Solutions┬«, LLC is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to selection of the top performing research sites to align with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease. Devana Solutions┬« offers three platforms, IGNITE, PROPEL and IQ for sponsors and cros, to provide historical and real-time data capture, aggregation and display to drug development stakeholders.

For questions and to schedule an introductory call or demo, contact Barry Lake, CEO & Co-Founder.

(301) 471-6962