Take Clinical Trial Management to the Next Level with LYNK

As a technology provider that connects central trial operations teams with decentralized site staff and clinicians, our goal at Devana Solutions is to help research organizations speed new therapies to patients by automating clinical trial processes and capturing site metrics for analysis and execution.

You may be familiar with PROPEL, our enterprise-level platform for managing an expansive research organization consisting of owned or affiliated investigative sites or study teams. By leveraging the cloud to connect central research operations professionals with site-based clinicians and staff for real-time, clinical trial collaboration, it provides easy access to all of the information on trials, sites, users, and contacts at your organizational level. Organizations such as Velocity Clinical Research use PROPEL to create cohesive operations and improve efficiency within their organization and accelerate study startup.

What you may not be familiar with, however, is LYNK—the site-facing extension of the PROPEL platform that expands the capabilities to key site-level staff. LYNK takes PROPEL one step further, giving sites even more ways to streamline processes and increase efficiency. LYNK is the sites’ personalized interface that allows them to receive and respond to trial opportunities and quickly and easily complete feasibility assessments.

Manage Clinical Trial Opportunities

The LYNK interface will automatically notify the sites when a new clinical trial opportunity is sent by the central team. The site LYNK user can review the specifics of each trial, determine which investigator is best for the project, and instantly provide information that is necessary to complete the feasibility assessment. LYNK’s investigator profiles store all vital documents for the sites’ investigators, such as medical licenses, CVs, and training certificates. With LYNK, sites won’t need to sift through emails, document folders, or physical files, because all of this necessary information is located in one place.

Simplify Feasibility Questionnaires

Thanks to LYNK, the cumbersome feasibility process is simplified. Available in the LYNK dashboard, sites can view any outstanding feasibility questionnaires, which will auto populate with the previously answered, common information that is also found in their site’s profile, including contact information, on-site equipment and staff, and specific areas of therapeutic experience. Because LYNK stores all of the necessary data in site profiles, sites won’t need to search for the information in documents and spreadsheets—it’s available instantly.

These are just a couple of ways LYNK works seamlessly in conjunction with PROPEL, providing benefits not only to the greater research organization but to the sites, as well. Book a demo with Devana Solutions today to discover what LYNK can do to take your sites’ clinical trial management to the next level.