Cloud-based Data Analytics Software for the Clinical Trials Industry that integrates seamlessly with CTMS & other key systems to keep success in the crosshairs

Devana Solutions provides easy-to-use yet secure SaaS solutions to help sites, site networks, integrated research organizations, CROs and sponsors stay connected and aligned to optimize the entire clinical trial process. Automate pipeline management, study startup workflows and securely connect and align all functional groups in your research organization. Share and analyze performance data in real time and across all stakeholders—from site-level to CRO to sponsor—to track trial progress, make better decisions and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Standardize & automate clinical trial workflows. Connect your functional teams on a common cloud. Centralize & analyze crucial performance data. All in real time.
Seamlessly share crucial study data across your research network. Enable connectivity and collaboration between your centralized team and decentralized staff and study teams.

Automate start-up, analytics & reporting across your research organization.


  • Study Startup workflow automation and end-to-end trial performance data capture, aggregation, and analysis for solid data-driven decision-making
  • Ability to link multiple contacts, documents, automate reminders, assign tasks and capture communication across every clinical trial for time savings and performance transparency
  • Performance data transparency across all functional teams and stakeholders to drive accountability
  • Cloud-based for remote access yet highly secure to connect and align decentralized study teams

“Devana is our overlay and visual and functional tool for the entire organization.”

Paul Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Velocity Clinical Research

Devana fully integrates with: