SCOPE 2022 Recap: Takeaways from Clinical Ops Executives

The 2022 Summit for Clinical Operations Executives (SCOPE) has come to a close. Clinical operations executives from all parts of North America gathered in Orlando, Florida, to share the latest innovations in clinical trial recruitment, management, and analysis. Devana Solutions CEO and Co-Founder Barry Lake and Vice President of Operations Linda Parks attended the event to keep up with the latest trends and share how Devana Solutions’ cutting-edge platforms help pharmaceutical sponsors and clinical research organizations keep up with the rapid pace of technology adoption.

Our CTMS partners exhibiting were kind enough to refer Devana Solutions as a complementary platform to those stopping by their booths with a need for business development or startup solutions. Special shout-out to Elise Tawfiq of RealTime CTMS, as well as Mia Castagnero and Eric Elander of Clinical Research IO (CRIO) and the entire CRIO team for their hospitality.

We started the week by making history teeing off at SCOPE’s Inaugural Masters of Clinical Research Golf Tournament.



In between speakers and breakout sessions, the week was filled with talks from industry thought leaders and networking opportunities with colleagues. Since the first day, we were fortunate to spend time discussing the challenges of and solutions to patient recruitment in multisite studies with Trialbee CEO Matt Walz.

We congratulated Rick Riegel, for becoming the most recent member to join the Board of Directors at RealTime CTMS. We know that he will be a great asset to our friends at RealTime CTMS.

Although the clinical research industry is driven by technology, it’s the face-to-face interactions at conferences like these that put our work into perspective: “people caring for people.”

SCOPE 2022 Recap: Takeaways from Clinical Ops Executives with Devana Solutions
From left to right: Centricity CEO and Co-Founder of hyperCORE Jeff Kingsley and Devana Solutions Vice President of Operations Linda Parks at the hyperCORE Kick-Off Luau


We met with Jill Johnson, President of WCG’s Clinical Services Organization, to celebrate her study planning and site optimization efforts! Using Devana Solutions PROPEL Enterprise Platform’s ability to provide reliable real-time and historic metrics, WCG can ascertain predictable study performance data by directly connecting their research sites and effortlessly manage study feasibility, track study workflow and milestone completion, and oversee site facilities and equipment.

Lastly, we always enjoy spending time discussing how our companies are innovating and leading the clinical trial space with Florence Healthcare CEO Ryan Jones.

“Year after year, we’re seeing the use of technology in drug development continuing at a breakneck pace. The way we conduct research has changed drastically because of it, and there’s no doubt that this trend will continue,” said Lake.



Vice President of Operations Linda Parks agrees. Thanks to innovations in data technologies, the world of clinical data management and analytics has seen some impressive advancements in recent years. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve with the digitization of healthcare data and its cloud storage, then you need to be able to seamlessly share and analyze performance levels across your entire research network.

“More than sites needing a platform that can keep up with the latest trends, they need a platform that can display actionable data in real-time,” said Parks.

It’s clear that Devana Solutions is the category leader when it comes to innovation in the field of pipeline administration, study startup workflow automation, metric analysis, and data visualization. Thanks to Devana Solutions, clinical trials are becoming more efficient every day.