Reflections on the Early Stages of Creative Disruption in the Clinical Trial Site Sector and the Tipping Point now finally upon us

(Chapel Hill, NC) April 11, 2018 –  Title:  Reflections on the Early Stages of Creative Disruption in the Clinical Trial Site Sector and the Tipping Point now finally upon us

By Barry Lake, CEO & Co-Founder, Devana Solutions®

Last Wednesday, April 11, 2018 we were proud to issue a joint press release with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals for the ACRP-Devana Solutions® 1st Annual Site Metrics Challenge Study.

We are very honored to work with ACRP and three of our valuable site organization partner-clients, IACT Health, LMC I Manna Research, and PMG Research, to analyze site and network timing and performance metrics data relative to clinical site staff training and development initiatives. The year-long Study in support of ACRP’s clinical trials workforce development goals will kick off at the ACRP Expo on April 27 – 30 in the D.C. area ( The upcoming Expo will mark just the second anniversary since Devana Solutions® first launched commercially at the ACRP Expo in Atlanta in April 2016 with our inaugural cloud-based Site Operations Management Software offering now called IGNITE FOR SITES. As a result, the announcement gave me pause to reflect.

What has changed since our upstart tech company embarked upon our quest to bring data transparency to the fragmented and opaque clinical trial site sector where the real work of clinical trials – seeing actual volunteer patient-subjects – truly happens?

It seems like just recently the pharmaceutical industry turned its full attention to efforts to streamline study start-up in a quest to reduce overall trial cycle time and costs. If reducing study start-up time is critical to cutting costs to advance new therapies, then doesn’t it stand to reason that the industry would rapidly gravitate towards those trial sites and site network organizations that employ Devana Solutions® advanced technology? The platform provides cross-functional teams at those early-adopting trial sites and networks with organization-wide transparency into each milestone and pain point in trial start-up so that responsible staff can rapidly mobilize to address bottlenecks and delays in order to clear the way for the important work of patient recruitment and screening? Further, shouldn’t trial sites and networks rapidly embrace such a system to allow their leadership to drive operational improvements to combat recurring start-up hurdles? What if the same advanced system also automatically captured critical site timing and performance metrics allowing those site and network leaders to easily prove their trial management expertise in their chosen therapeutic strengths?

In a drug development industry that is notoriously slow to adopt change, our young company’s efforts at creative disruption through these technological innovations targeting the clinical trial site sector have, admittedly, not inspired a tsunami of industry Sponsor, CRO or site sector demand…until now.

With gratitude to the former INC Research’s, now Syneos Health’s visionary Catalyst Program which continues to forge ahead past usual resistance, the April 11, 2018 announcement of the ACRP – Devana Solutions® 1stAnnual Metrics Challenge Study may well stand as the “tipping point” for our data transparency platform to align top-performing research sites with Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease. What gives me confidence to put forward such a claim?

With a nod to Mr. Gladwell’s 3 Rules of Epidemics; specifically, “The Law of the Few” which, in economic terms, manifests itself in the “80/20 Principle or, the idea that in any situation roughly 80% of the ‘work’ will be done by 20% of the participants”, I have recently been sending notes of thanks and taking the opportunity in my daily interactions to thank all of the “connectors”, “mavens” (information specialists) and “salespeople” whom all continue to be tireless advocates of our Devana Solutions® technology. I have been humbled to point out the following to them:

Right now, 3 of the Top 5 Largest Integrated Site Networks or Organizations in the world have embraced the Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES platform. PMG Research, IACT Health and LMC I Manna Research stand as industry-leaders in the clinical trials site sector. These 3 organizations have the confidence in their capabilities and vision to embrace our platform and leverage data analytics to further improve what are already efficient site operations. I have no doubt this will propel their site organizations even further ahead of their competitors in clinical trial management and execution.


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