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Devana Solutions is pleased to share an ongoing roadmap of new PROPEL features and updates!



Spring 2023 PROPEL Update

The Spring 2023 Update will bring a plethora of enhancements and updates to PROPEL designed to improve and streamline the user experience across several areas, with a heavy focus on Trials and Trial Management. From harmonized field names to a new glossary for credentials and the introductions of Trialstones, this update is all about optimizing glanceability and improving workflows.

Summer 2023 PROPEL Update

Robust fee tracking and budget creation capability empowering users with operational capacity to create and manage single organization or multi-site allocations for any purpose - providing valuable insights. 

Included in PROPEL Enterprise. Optional add-on feature for PROPEL Central. See your Customer Success Manager for details.

Users can now associate, manage, and track vendors and ancillary services details, activities, and contracts on a site level and create reports and dashboards to gather specifics insights per vendor and service.

Greatly enhances user capacity to add new equipment and capabilities, update information, associate contracts, and track maintenance dates.

Included in PROPEL Enterprise. Optional add-on feature for PROPEL Central. See your Customer Success Manager for details.

Enhanced site profiles provide users a space to manage site equipment, rooms, capabilities, staff, regulatory matters, documents, vendors, indications, and audit history from a single comprehensive location. Insights gathered from performance, participation, historical data, and cumulative trial experiences can be viewed in embedded reports and dedicated dashboards. 

Allows users to granularly manage and sort files, create master agreements, associate documents with multiple other records, and track revisions and amendments via a single threaded history.

Ability to capture historical snapshots going back any length of time of patient enrollment by site and trial. Set the cadence for snapshots to capture daily, weekly, or monthly.

Uses trial timelines and agreed on budgets to forecast potential revenue over the course of a trial. This feature considers the length of the trial and the final contract and budget terms to illustrate revenue across all sites and trials.


Future PROPEL Updates

Creates a curated and guided cross-functional workflow to keep all teams and members efficient by removing as much burden as possible with contextual instruction for new and veteran professionals.

Easy to navigate central location that contains help articles, release hub, training videos, and support ticketing system. The release hub will contain release notes, guides, and feature announcement videos. Training materials will include videos and guides.

Prepopulates historical answers based on questions previously asked. Driven off a client’s database of stored question/answer pairs rather than a Site’s Profile, Smart Feasibility saves users time, ensures consistency and provides efficiencies by being “a survey that remembers.

Included in PROPEL Enterprise. See your Customer Success Manager for details.

Customizes a user’s home dashboard based on their functional role (e.g., Feasibility, Business Development, Regulatory, C-Suite, etc.) therefore tailoring their experience and providing a more valuable and engaging entry point for users of all types and responsibilities.

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