Partner Spotlight | SIGAL SMS

Chapel Hill, NC (June 23, 2021) – Devana Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce their newest client partnership with SIGAL Site Management and Support (SIGAL SMS). Founded in 2014, SIGAL SMS began a mission to support traditional private practices in their clinical research execution strategies throughout Germany. Today, the SIGAL SMS network connects over 25 sites across Germany, with an average experience of 55 multi-therapeutic studies and 21 years per site.

Realizing the challenges investigators and study teams face, SIGAL SMS offers extensive knowledge to help sites execute studies at the highest level. They offer complete project management support from study start-up to close-out, acting as a liaison between sites, sponsors and CROs. With their modernized approach, SIGAL SMS provides sponsors and CROs the confidence that studies are conducted in a quality and timely manner.

With a goal to standardize their modern approach in clinical trial conduct, SIGAL SMS needed a platform to help fill the technological gaps in their site and study oversight. Now, by leveraging the Devana IGNITE platform, SIGAL SMS has the ability to automate and centrally manage the processes at each site location to ensure that their studies are successful. With a high-level view into their organizational performance via IGNITE’s robust analytics dashboards, SIGAL SMS can assist sponsors and CROs with accurate site selection. From a single source, sponsors and CROs can obtain a group of professionally set up and qualified sites, with proof of their extensive experience in conducting studies and a high patient potential.

“The clinical trials industry has always been globally focused on advancing therapies to improve the human condition. The recent addition of SIGAL SMS, Germany’s leading research site management organization, onto the Devana Solutions’ platform is a testament to the global reach of the industry and our data analytics and workflow automation technology,” said Barry Lake, CEO & Co-Founder, Devana Solutions, LLC.

SIGAL SMS continues their mission to expand its investigative footprint throughout Germany and set a standard in clinical research at an international level. Devana Solutions is proud to support the SIGAL SMS team and their sites to efficiently carry out studies and advance medicine globally.


SIGAL SMS (SIGAL Site Management & Support) is a Site Management Organization (SMO), which specializes in supporting the development, establishment and optimization of established physicians and outpatient practices nationwide in Germany, on their way to become a professional study site.
With their extensive experience in the field of clinical drug research, they know about the problems and difficulties faced by investigators and study teams as well as contractors – sponsors and CROs – every day in clinical trials. Based on this, they developed a concept and founded SIGAL SMS in 2014 to master these challenges as a reliable and competent partner. To learn more visit

Devana Solutions®, LLC is a cloud SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to the selection of the top-performing research sites to align with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease.
Devana Solutions® flagship platform, Devana IGNITE, allows integrated site networks and research organizations to standardize workflows, particularly in study startup, across site functions while allowing for the capture and display of performance metrics for dashboarding and analytics beyond site CTMS. Devana PROPEL extends performance data transparency across Academic Research Institutions or an expanded network of owned and affiliated investigative sites. Devana IQ allows for the sharing of performance data and documents in real-time between investigative site and Sponsor or CRO stakeholders. To learn more visit