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Accel Clinical Services acquires Meridien Research site network, selected as location for Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial.


CHAPEL HILL, NC (July 29, 2020) — Devana Solutions, LLC (Devana) is celebrating their partner-client’s, Accel Clinical Services (parent company to Accel Research Sites), recent acquisition of AMPLIFY’s esteemed Meridien Research site network, NeuroStudies destination research unit, and the InSearch site business development network. Equally celebratory, Accel Research Sites was also chosen as the only Central Florida location to conduct Moderna’s COVE Phase 3 Study in efforts to develop the first COVID-19 vaccine.

Accel, now armed with a team of over 100 researchers, specializing in multi-phase and multi-therapeutic research, is proof that forward-thinking and innovation is the key to success. It was that same forward-thinking that brought them to their decision to partner with Devana, utilizing Devana’s technology’s time-saving automation and powerful data to make their processes more efficient, better therapeutically align them with Sponsors and CROs, and ultimately land more of the right trial opportunities, some being very timely in the COVID-19 era.

“With our recent acquisition, we were able to more than double our size, adding jobs here in Florida and throughout the Southeast and expanding our trial footprint. We are very excited to serve as a site for several COVID-19 trials and have begun enrolling the first of thousands of participants in the Orlando, Florida area. This is a critical time in our industry and our world, and we are proud to be part of developing a vaccine,” said Matt Maxwell, CEO of Accel Research Sites.

Now, more than ever, clinical research organizations need a tool to strengthen their ability to manage the clinical trial process anywhere, anytime and at an efficient pace. Adaptability is what fuels growth in this industry. Devana continues to innovate to meet the needs of this everchanging industry and support research organizations, like Accel, that continue to move the needle and pave the way forward.

“Supporting high growth, tech-enabled research organizations is what Devana Solutions does best,” said Barry Lake, CEO, Devana Solutions, “Accel Research Sites under Matt’s leadership epitomizes high growth and tech-enabled.”

Devana’s support of Accel, especially as they help to develop a potential vaccine against COVID-19, brings their mission to life. The driving force behind this dynamic and disruptive tech company is knowing that their continuous innovations and enduring partnerships will, ultimately, help save lives. That is their motivation.


About Accel Clinical Services

Accel Clinical Services is a portfolio of companies dedicated to supporting independent physicians and their patients in the delivery of high-quality medical care. It serves as the parent company to subsidiaries built to align services around the needs of its customers: Accel Research Sites, Accel Trial Connections Network, Accel Patient Communities, Accel Provider Communities, and Accel Research Management.


About Accel Research Sites

Accel Research Sites is a multi-therapeutic network of clinical research sites dedicated to the expert delivery of treatment options to patients and providers. They partner with the most innovative and significant pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies worldwide to advance healthcare and wellness in the communities they serve.


About Devana Solutions, LLC:

Devana Solutions®, LLC is a cloud SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to selection of the top performing research sites to align with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease.

Devana Solutions® flagship platform, Devana IGNITE, allows integrated site networks and research organizations to standardize workflows, particularly in study startup, across site functions while allowing for the capture and display of performance metrics for dashboarding and analytics beyond site CTMS. Devana PROPEL extends performance data transparency across Academic Research Institutions or an expanded network of owned and affiliated investigative sites. Devana IQ allows for the sharing of performance data and documents in real-time between investigative site and Sponsor or CRO stakeholders. To learn more visit