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Robust Trial Start-up and Analytics Platform

Powerful Reporting and Metrics

This intuitive, user-friendly system helps your site save time and gain a competitive advantage. Automate your contacts, pipeline management and site operations to save time in study start-up. Analyze site metrics captured by the system to improve trial performance. Finally, display your metrics data during feasibility to validate your therapeutic strengths and performance for Sponsors and CROs.

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Win More of the Right Trial Awards

From trial lead through completion, Devana Solutions® IGNITE for sites is proven to enhance your site or site network’s ability to win more of the right trial awards in less time. Dashboards help manage everything including trial pipeline, and trial performance, by indication and by Sponsor/CRO for optimum therapeutic and customer alignment.


The Challenge

The process that clinical research sites go through to win new studies is complex. There are many steps, stakeholders and numerous documents to submit which makes managing this competitive process extremely difficult. One missed step – such as missing a feasibility submission deadline – means a missed trial award opportunity that costs your site or site network money and limits your patient’s access to studies.

We've Got the Answer

A smart site operations and data analytics solution that can integrate with your site CTMS and other site management tools to improve performance and lead to more of the right study awards.

Streamline and centralize your study pipeline and contacts, automate study start-up and gain transparency into your site or site network’s performance in real time.

A turnkey solution built exclusively for clinical research sites and site networks, Devana Solutions® IGNITE for sites simplifies the complex pipeline management process by consolidating all trial opportunities in one place. Save valuable time by instantly and securely connecting your industry contacts with potential trials while seamlessly integrating with your Outlook email.

The Result

Sponsors and CROs have the confidence to select and align with your research site or site network for Clinical Trial Awards.

Devana Solutions® IGNITE for sites Key Features

  • Pre-CTMS data collection, aggregation and analysis
  • Data Transparency and Mobilization across all stakeholders: your site, your site networks, Sponsors, CROs and regulatory groups
  • Real time trial pipeline view and tracking of all study contacts, critical documents, start-up stages and tasks
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  • Automatically assign tasks for timely follow-up and accountability at critical stages
  • Reduce email traffic outside the system
  • Ability to link multiple, relevant contacts, documents and correspondence to every study opportunity at every stage
  • Fewer data errors
  •  Standardization of data into clear reports
  • Lock tight data security
  • Full Outlook email integration

Less Time. Better Metrics. More Awards.

Less time.

  • Easy to use. Intuitive and easy to master.
  • Easy to track performance. From study lead to completion.
  • Proven to win award letters in half the time.
  • Accessible from anywhere, any time – cloud-based.

Better metrics.

  • Share data in real time with Sponsors, CROs and your Site Management Team.
  • Instant data. Automated metrics tracking.
  • Custom analytics. Create reports in over 100 views.
  • Automatically captures all timing metrics with simple mouse clicks and date stamping.

More awards.

  • Devana Solutions® gives Sponsors and CROs the confidence to select your site for Clinical Trial Award Letters.