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By Barry Lake, Chairman & CEO, Devana Solutions LLC 

February 02, 2017

We are avid readers of the daily news up-dates from Outsourcing Pharma.

Our eye was caught recently by a story about a new patient recruitment tool from a healthcare technology company called Outcome Health.

The tool was interesting enough but it was the words that the company used to describe the market that really grabbed our attention.

“An industry ripe for disruption” was the phrase quoted.

It would be fascinating to know how many of the over 6,000 unique clinical research sites in the US feel the same way.

Our own anecdotal evidence here at Devana Solutions® is that many of you are ready for some disruption. You are ready to make things more efficient and effective – for everyone involved.

Even if you are one of the sites doing things right, getting patients recruited, screened and enrolled in studies based on their condition and conducting well-managed trials to gather clean, accurate data – it can be difficult in a fragmented, relationship-driven industry to be recognized and get the awards that you deserve.

One of the biggest challenges is the absence of data that can be trusted to demonstrate that you are a ‘good’ clinical research site in an industry where it is estimated that 50% of sites enroll one or even zero patients into a trial.

That’s where Devana Solutions® steps in.

Our technology is already proving its worth with early users among progressive clinical research sites. Our solution gives sites the ability to track, store and report the key performance metrics which can then be shared with CROs and Sponsors as evidence of their ability to deliver consistently great trial results.

It is also helping the site managers track their own performance so they can identify and quickly address any issues. Most importantly, it helps the sites save time and win more study awards.

In fact, the Devana Solutions® technology was originally created by a clinical research operation in which I am involved, the Medical Research Alliance, as a tool to manage its growing pipeline of trial opportunities as our network of sites expanded.

We at Devana Solutions® believe the industry we serve is more than ready for a little disruption. What do you think?




Devana Solutions® is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency and data analytics technology to aid in selection of the top-performing Research Sites to align with pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs is key to reducing drug costs and curing disease. Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES cloud-based technology adds value to top Research Sites by centralizing study leads and contacts, automating pipeline administration and study document tracking to cut management time in half while proprietary algorithms simultaneously track site timing and performance metrics from study lead through trial completion. With a couple of mouse clicks, these metrics can be standardized into robust reports for drug sponsors and CROs to validate the sites’ capabilities. Devana Solutions® MATCH PERFORMANCE reduces site selection risk for sponsors and CROs by providing dashboard and report capabilities not limited simply to a site’s historical trials; but, real-time site performance & timing metrics on currently running trials, improving trial feasibility and performance while reducing clinical trial cycle time and costs. Devana Solutions® technology is leading a transformation of the clinical trials industry and each investigative site’s “Devana Score” will become the “S&P Global Ratings”-equivalent for the clinical trials industry against which clinical trial performance by sites is measured. To learn more visit https://devanasolutions.com.