Devana Solutions December 2021 Newsletter


Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year


We’d like to extend a warm holiday greeting to all of our client-partners, friends, and supporters. Our industry has faced unprecedented times in these last two years, and the decentralized clinical trial world has emerged stronger, smarter, and more connected. We value being a part of that connectivity.

Give Back with Greater Gift & Honor Clinical Trial Patients


At the core of Devana Solutions’ mission—to connect central research operations teams to decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse community settings—is the goal of reducing drug development costs and curing disease.

That’s why Devana partners with Greater Gift, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that “honors patient volunteers and research professionals who make clinical trials possible,” by helping the public “understand the powerful role clinical trial volunteers play in the development of new drug therapies, medicines, and vaccines.”

Dedicated to combating the data gaps and inequity resulting from many ethnic, racial, and other demographic groups being underrepresented in clinical research, Greater Gift has donated more than 120,000 vaccines—and meals—to children in need since 2010.

Join Devana this holiday season in honoring clinical trial patients by donating vaccines to children in need through Greater Gift.

Learn More and Join Devana in Donating Vaccines

PROPEL Innovates the Clinical Trial Industry in 2021


At Devana Solutions, we are continuously innovating to meet the needs of the clinical trials industry. 2021 was the year of “decentralized trials,” as such, the Devana Solutions’ team developed our PROPEL technology solution to connect centralized research operations teams with decentralized clinicians, bringing the “site” to the patient’s community.


In a world in which the swiftness to find cures and treatments is as crucial as ever, the Devana team was very humbled, yet not surprised, by the adoption of this latest innovative platform by leading research organizations and especially salute the earliest adopters, including hyperCORE International, Velocity Clinical Research, Inc. and WCG PharmaSeek.


Stayed tuned as we head into 2022 since the Devana team is currently onboarding other major research organizations onto PROPEL in both the site network and IRO space but academic and health systems, as well. We are looking forward to an efficient and well-connected New Year for the clinical trials industry to keep speeding new therapies to patients!

Learn more About PROPEL

Operation Warp Speed – The New Standard for Clinical Trials


Operation Warp Speed proved that an accelerated timeline was possible with an unprecedented level of process and performance transparency as well as cooperation between drug developers in the clinical trials industry and government.


But what factors enabled this never-before-seen public/private cooperation to achieve the impossible, and how could those factors be standardized for future clinical trials in order to compress development cycle time and achieve faster breakthroughs in our most serious diseases?


Devana CEO and Co-Founder Barry Lake shares his thoughts.

Read Barry’s Insights

2022 SCRS Oncology Site Solutions Summit


As we head into 2022, one of the first major events taking place in the clinical trial industry is the SCRS Oncology Global Site Solutions Summit.


Devana CEO and Co-Founder Barry Lake and Director of Client Partnerships Emily Hardy will be walking the Summit?  If you’ve never been, we break down what to expect.

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