Devana Solutions Announces Roxanne Shenefield as New Director, Solutions Services

Roxanne Shenefield

Devana Solutions is excited to announce Roxanne Shenefield as Devana’s Director, Solutions Services.  

Since May of 2019, our partner-clients have benefitted from Roxanne’s technological acumen and customer service during this time.  Roxanne truly lives our motto, Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes. Analytics are second nature to Roxanne, and her passion for data is unparalleled.

“I’ve always enjoyed the puzzle that surrounds a new technology – learning how it works, putting the pieces together, and continuing to build on it over time,” said Roxanne.

“Roxanne’s programming talent and strong communication skills are well-known to our partner-clients. She’s done an impressive job building out a solid team,” said Devana CEO and Co-founder Barry Lake.

In her new role, Roxanne will serve as the subject matter expert for the Devana Solutions suite of SaaS platform technologies in both customer-facing and internal roles.  

As part technical project manager, part administrator, and part analyst, Roxanne will be the conduit between business and technology. She will lead the development, customization, and integration efforts of solutions for our internal technology requirements.

“Roxanne’s ability to understand the strategic use of our Devana platform makes her the ideal choice to bridge our technological innovation and high growth SaaS business needs as Director, Solutions Services,” Barry added.  

Roxanne will also collaborate with Customer Success and Product Management to develop and implement new optimizations in the Devana Suite of products. She will also play a critical role in partner-client customizations and custom builds, and in future API integrations as Devana’s compatibility with other systems continues to grow.

Roxanne is ready to lead Devana’s future growth.  “I’m excited to be taking on this new challenge, focusing on expanding and scaling our technology solutions both internally and for our valued partner-clients,” she said.

“Roxanne has a history of demonstrating an insatiable curiosity for all things tech and data analytics. She continually demonstrates a mastery of understanding customer pain points and actively developing solutions,” said Devana Vice President of Operations, Linda Parks.

Whether you are a current partner-client or a future one of Devana Solutions, pretty much everything you encounter, from guides to videos and FAQs, will have Roxanne’s fingerprints on them.