Devana Solutions Welcomes Michael Bonavilla as Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships

Michael-BonavillaDevana Solutions is pleased to welcome Michael Bonavilla to our transformative cloud-SaaS company as Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships.

Michael comes to Devana Solutions after working with Bio-Optronics since 2007, where he helped launch the Clinical Conductor Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). Over the last 15 years, including since 2021 when Bio-Optronics was acquired by Advarra, Michael helped expand the system to over 450 research organization clients to help streamline their business. Michael’s focus is working with clinical research sites of all types across the industry – identifying which technology solutions best fit their unique needs.

“I’ve had the pleasure to be part of the overall maturity of the clinical trial management solution market and have helped introduce many new solutions over the years,” says Michael. “I look forward to the opportunity to work with Devana Solutions and bridging the gap to now offer these same organizations a solution that compliments the CTMS and fills the critical need for business development, trial startup automation, metrics capture, and connectivity activity for the clinical research industry.”

As Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships, Michael will play a vital and highly visible role in Devana Solution’s outreach, education, and sales process. He will use his ample experience in the clinical trials and research industry to consult, educate, and ‘connect the dots’ between Devana’s solution and the needs of our prospective customers.

“Michael is someone I have long respected in the industry, and I was thrilled when he reached out about joining Devana,” explains Devana Solutions CEO Barry Lake. “If you had asked me to pick the top clinical trials technology business development professionals, Michael Bonavilla was at the top of my list.”

Devana Solutions is excited to have Michael join our growing team. With this latest addition, our company is more focused than ever and in the best position to serve our valued partner-clients.