Data Analytics & Making Decisions for Better Outcomes

At Devana Solutions, our motto is Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes. But what exactly does that mean to us—and for you? Let’s take a look at how superior data analytics can make a huge impact on the clinical trial industry as a whole—and your organization in particular.


Better Data

We believe complete data transparency is absolutely crucial to clinical trial management. Devana’s cloud-based unified platform allows study teams to securely connect remotely and collaborate in real-time—an essential feature in our era of remote work and decentralized or hybrid trials. To optimize execution, you’ll have the ability to standardize and automate study start-up workflows and connect central research operations teams to decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse community settings. You can even share “up” to CRO and sponsor partners, ensuring everyone has access to the data they need.

One of our key features to generate superior data includes AI-enhanced auto-email capture and attachment, which links relevant information and documentation to each associated trial, streamlining task management and execution follow-through. Devana also captures start-up/timing metrics and enrollment performance data, whether it’s generated on our platform or via API connections to other systems. It can then display this data on the dashboard, providing leadership and study teams with analysis and action items.


Better Decisions

We believe data should work for you, giving you the power to make better-informed decisions. Devana’s centralized business intelligence platform provides access for all stakeholders across the entire research footprint. We leverage information from historic and active trial performance by organization, site, and PI/study team/department—across all indications. With digitized trial opportunities, feasibility distribution, collaboration, and more accurate PI/study team selection and trial feasibility, you’ll see more effective feasibility and trial selection. The Devana platform achieves these results through analyses of therapeutic alignment and your organizational, site/study team and investigator capabilities, as well as your bandwidth. And it provides the real-time trial process and enrollment performance insights your leadership needs to correct bottlenecks and improve trial execution overall. 


Better Outcomes

We believe that decisions informed by superior data transparency will produce better outcomes for the clinical trial industry and the patients we serve, period. The Devana platform’s pipeline and study start-up automation, along with its inter-organizational trial communication and collaboration capabilities, saves countless hours previously spent on manual data entry and organization—and reduces human error in the process. With process and performance data transparency, you’ll also see improved accountability across functions and between trial stakeholders.

The right data analytics improve the trial process by matching sites and investigators with the clinical trial opportunities that suit them best. When more reliable PIs and study teams are aligned on the right trials with industry sponsors and CROs, you’ll see the results in increasing predictability of trial performance and more trial opportunities. This reduction in trial cycle time and cost means faster delivery of new therapies to patients.

Let us show you in more detail what Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes could do for your clinical trial processes. Book a demo with Devana Solutions today to learn about our cloud-based data analytics software for the clinical trials industry that integrates seamlessly with CTMS and other key systems to keep success in the crosshairs.