Medix and Devana Solutions Offering Suite of Services


May 5, 2020 – Medix, a national organization specialized in workforce solutions and recruiting skilled personnel, and Devana Solutions, the leading cloud-based provider of clinical trial automation technology, are offering a suite of services to support clinical site operations through all stages of the pandemic.

The organizations are partnering to offer 90-day subscription and training for Devana’s LITE platform, a remote study startup collaboration tool for small trial sites, along with six hours of Medix Clinical Trial Consulting services on topics such as Budget Review/Amendment, SOP Writing, Emergency Preparedness Plan, Site Culture Assessment and Site Organizational Design.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a whirlwind for our industry. Research sites went from being shut down as ‘non-essential’ businesses to being the only path to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this virus.  The rapid pace of change we are experiencing now is the kick start this industry needed for safer and more efficient scientific innovation,” said Molly Downhour, Medix Clinical Research Strategy Executive. “We’re here to offer short- and long-term measures sites can put in place now in order to maintain the positive changes to clinical research operations that the pandemic has ignited.”

“Our industry has seen a massive expansion of remote work as clinical teams adapt to work in a post-pandemic world,” said Barry Lake, CEO and Co-Founder of Devana Solutions. “Embracing cloud solutions for workflow automation and metrics capture/analysis will be key to site success moving forward.”


About Medix

Medix provides workforce solutions to clients and creates opportunity for talent representing a variety of industries, including Clinical Research, Healthcare and Scientific. Medix has been featured as well as one of Staffing Industry Analysts’ “Largest Staffing Firms in the United States,” as well as one of the “Fastest Growing Staffing Firm in the United States.” Medix has also been ranked as one of the Best & Brightest Places to Work in the Nation for three years and in ClearlyRated’s 2020 “Best of Staffing” Talent Diamond and Client awards for providing constantly excellent service, further earning our reputation as an industry leader. For more information, call (866) 44-MEDIX or visit

About Devana Solutions

Devana Solutions®, LLC is a cloud SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to selection of the top performing research sites to align with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce clinical trial cycle time and costs to deliver new therapies to patients. Devana Solutions offers three platforms, IGNITE, PROPEL and IQ for sponsors and CROs, to provide historical and real-time data capture, aggregation and display to drug development stakeholders. For more information call (877) DEVANA-2 or visit

Partner Spotlight | Del Sol Research Management


It has been quite an unusual couple of months during the first part of 2020 due to global pandemic, COVID-19, but Devana Solutions, LLC has proven to be more essential than ever, keeping sites and their employees connected throughout the study startup process. We are honored to be such a valuable asset to our client-partners in the clinical research industry, as they continue working hard to bring much needed therapies and vaccines to those who need them most.

One of our outstanding client-partners, working hard to make a difference in the clinical research industry, is Del Sol Research Management in Tucson, Arizona.  Del Sol focuses primarily on Gastrointestinal Disease, Hepatology, Internal Medicine, Women’s Health and Medical Device studies.  With two convenient locations and fifteen full-time employees, including a Recruitment Manager, it is Del Sol’s mission to increase clinical research awareness within their community. In addition to the usual advertising and outreach that most sites do to increase their participant-base, Del Sol takes their efforts a step further by engaging with local advocacy groups and physicians to bring free health screens to impoverished populations, while educating them on clinical research. “All of these collaborations with our medical peers in the community not only increase study awareness, but also allow Del Sol and our employees to give back to our local community, especially in the poorer areas of our metropolitan area. We, as a company, are very passionate about improving the health and providing health care access to the Tucson community,” said Wendy Hotz, President, Del Sol Research Management.

Del Sol’s Senior VP of Clinical Operations was interviewed recently on a local Spanish television station, addressing the growing interest in clinical research within the Tucson Hispanic community and providing answers to questions that research-naïve individuals may have. It is becoming increasingly known that the Hispanic population has a higher rate of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease than other ethnicities.  Since this disease can be silent for years before symptoms arise, the need for faster diagnosis is more important than ever, so patients can make the necessary lifestyle changes earlier to combat this deadly disease.  Thanks to their in-house Fibroscan®, Del Sol is able to quickly measure liver fibrosis and steatosis of their study participants, making Del Sol an asset to Sponsors and CROs on GI and Hepatic indication-related clinical trials.  In addition to the application of their Fibroscan®, Del Sol has developed expertise in a number of advanced procedures, including serial PK studies, complex infusions, endoscopy, colonoscopy, bile duct stent placement, flexible sigmoidoscopy, biopsy collection from various tissues, sample processing and specimen management,  pulmonary function testing and intrauterine procedures.

With their vast experience and dedication to their patients, staff and CRO/Sponsor relationships, it is no surprise that Del Sol’s excellent reputation precedes them.  We are humbled that they have chosen to partner with Devana Solutions, LLC to continue to revolutionize their clinical trial processes by leveraging our innovative technology platform.  We can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings for Del Sol!

About Devana Solutions, LLC

Devana Solutions, LLC is developer and provider of cloud-based SaaS technology driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to aligning the top performing research organizations at the investigative site level with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease. Devana offers technology to standardize operational workflows, particularly in study startup, across site functions while allowing for the automated capture, analysis and display of real time performance data across clinical trial industry stakeholders. For more information about Devana Solutions, LLC visit:

Announcing our Newest Partner-Client – hyperCORE International

Devana Solutions, LLC is one of the clinical research industry’s most innovative technology companies serving and partnering with the industry’s leading research organizations. This week we’re pleased to announce and introduce our latest partner-client: hyperCORE International – the second largest clinical research site organization in the world!

hyperCORE International is a super network of highly experienced and awarded clinical research site/network companies. hyperCORE International unifies the clinical research industry’s most respected and advanced research site companies, facilitating a level of unparalleled collaboration. hyperCORE International is an industry leader providing Phase I-IV clinical trial services with more than 81 active research sites across the globe. Its member companies have completed more than 6,000 studies helping to evaluate thousands of new drugs and treatments in more than 15,000,000 patients. Each member operates as an independent company but, through the sharing of best practices, hyperCORE International accelerates every aspect of the research site process – from feasibility through study start-up and completion. Its members have won numerous awards for performance, quality and innovation.

hyperCORE International partner members leveraging Devana Solutions, LLC flagship easy-to-use Devana IGNITE cloud software to simplify contact and account management, study start-up and execution, while seamlessly capturing performance metrics for analytics and reporting include: AGA Clinical Trials of Hialeah, Florida; Benchmark Research of Austin, Texas; Clinical Site Partners of Miami, Florida; Clinical Trials of Texas of San Antonio, Texas; DIEX Recherche of Sherbrooke, Canada; IACT Health of Columbus, Georgia; and LMC Manna Research of Toronto, Canada.

In another milestone for Devana Solutions, LLC, these member networks will operate Devana IGNITE in tandem with Devana PROPEL for hyperCORE International providing an operating system to support collaboration across the super network.

The future of clinical research is here. Devana Solutions, LLC, powering better data, better decisions and better outcomes.  #clinicalresearch #clinicaltrials #data #metrics #innovativetechnology

Partner Spotlight | Javara Research


2019 was an explosive year of growth for Devana Solutions, LLC, one of the clinical trial industry’s most innovative technology companies, as many of the most recognizable names in the industry launched or expanded their use of the Devana Solutions platform for workflow management, and enhanced data capture and analysis to drive their continued success.

Among Devana’s prominent client-partners is Javara Research, a leading Integrated Research Organization spearheaded by seasoned clinical trials industry leaders including Jennifer Byrne, CEO, Amanda Wright, Vice President of Partnership Development, Susan Donahue, Director of Clinical Trial Operations, Drew Domescik, CFO and Linda McCarty, General Counsel & Privacy Officer. Tegan Mead, Associate Director of Healthcare Engagement – Privia Medical Group (Gulf Coast) rounds out the Javara leadership team who have collectively led over 10,000 trials and engaged more than 200,000 people in clinical trials. The use of advanced technologies like the Devana platform is central to Javara’s mission to make research more efficient and accessible.

In recent months, Javara has announced collaborations to increase patient-access to industry-sponsored, clinical trials with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Tryon Medical Partners and Privia Health’s, Privia Medical Group – Gulf Coast and Georgia.  Javara will lead the effort to deliver clinical research as an innovative care offering to patients engaged with these leading healthcare organizations. Higher rates of clinical trial participation inside of a health system allows for improved access to cutting edge therapies, generating better outcomes and even lower care costs within patient-centered care helping to positively impact the landscape of medicine and healthcare.

Further evidence of Javara’s efforts to innovate and expand patient-access to clinical trials were announced last March when Javara announced the launch of Uber Health rides to lessen the burden for the 3.6 million Americans that miss medical appointments due to a lack of reliable transportation.

“We are truly humbled by the industry leading organizations that have chosen to leverage our Devana technology and Javara definitely epitomizes leadership and innovation in the clinical trials industry,” stated Devana Solutions’ CEO and Co-Founder, Barry Lake.

“Technology is transforming the way in which we conduct clinical research and business. The Devana Ignite for Sites solution allows us to transparently be in tune to our trials, activities and represents a centralized solution that supports the advancement of our business model,” said CEO of Javara, Jennifer Byrne. Javara is proud to lead paths forward that are transforming how clinical research is conducted with exceptional technologies to support.

About Javara, Inc.

Javara, Inc., an Integrated Research Organization (IRO), integrates with complex healthcare systems to ensure clinical research is available throughout the patient care cycle and positions the system to leverage clinical research as a population health strategy, while serving to support drug development needs as a clinical research site provider of high-quality study data. Together, Javara and its healthcare partners offer a more aligned, efficient, and effective solution to the challenges of patient inclusion in clinical trials, by creating an infrastructure where clinical research becomes an integral part of the state-of-the-art healthcare delivery offered by Javara’s healthcare partners. The Javara IRO platform offers better outcomes for patient-centered care, better economic results, easier access to cutting edge therapies for healthcare systems, and a more valuable and reliable research delivery model to the biopharmaceutical sector. For more information about Javara, Inc. visit:

About Devana Solutions, LLC

Devana Solutions, LLC is developer and provider of cloud-based SaaS technology driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to aligning the top performing research organizations at the investigative site level with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease. Devana offers technology to standardize operational workflows, particularly in study startup, across site functions while allowing for the automated capture, analysis and display of real time performance data across clinical trial industry stakeholders. For more information about Devana Solutions, LLC visit:

Devana Solutions and Clinical Research IO (CRIO)

Like coffee and great conversation, some things just go great together. This week, two clinical trials industry tech players are set to reframe the narrative around how technology can unlock the power of your clinical trial site, site network or academic research center’s data and turn it into actionable information allowing you to run a more efficient site and use analytics and reporting to win more of the right award letters. We’re pleased to announce the integration between Devana Solutions, LLC’s innovative Devana IGNITE platform and Clinical Research IO (CRIO). Together, their complementary systems will help boost efficiency at the clinical trials site level, decreasing clinical trial cycle time to speed therapeutic advances to patients.

Devana Solutions IGNITE for sites is an easy-to-use software platform that simplifies the complex pipeline management process by consolidating all trial opportunities in one place. IGNITE makes the management of business development, feasibility, contact and account management, study start-up activities and all-around study execution and performance metrics capture and analysis easier and faster. Combining Devana IGNITE and CRIO’s leading CTMS technology essentially provides site networks, integrated research organizations and academic research centers with an “operating system” from study start-up all the way through trial completion.

CTMS programs – or “Clinical Trial Management Systems” – such as CRIO’s leading technology, have become “must have” technology over the last two decades in helping research sites to automate clinical trial workflows once patient screening and enrollment commences or, when the “clinical” part of a trial begins as the product name would imply. However, until Devana Solutions launched its transformative Devana IGNITE platform, there were no robust solutions short of static spreadsheets and countless email folders to gather critical study information, organize site workflows and capture key timing metrics during the study startup phase. Similarly, while the clinical staff of research coordinators, patient recruiters and site operations and accounting personnel depend daily on a leading CTMS solution like CRIO to help automate their clinical and billing functions, the Leadership Team at most leading site organizations benefit more from transparency into clinical trial performance metrics for analysis and decision-making, “business intelligence” capabilities where Devana IGNITE also excels. Therefore, with Devana IGNITE’s robust study startup features and performance metrics capture for reporting and analysis coupled with CRIO’s innovative CTMS technology for the clinical phase, site networks, integrated research organizations and institutional sites can leverage an end-to-end solution.

Information is critical to informed decision-making, monitoring progress and evaluating outcomes. In no industry is this more critical than clinical trials where the focus on creating efficiencies such as Devana Solutions seamlessly integrated with CRIO CTMS will drive the delivery of new therapies to patients faster and less expensively.

Learn more about powering your site’s success in the CRIO podcast “The 5 Metrics Every Site Should Track,” featuring Devana’s CFO, Sean Rice. Discover more here.

Charter Research Joins the Devana Solutions, LLC Platform and the Evolution of Metrics

Devana Solutions, LLC is always proud to partner with the brightest, most innovative minds in the clinical trials industry. This week we’re pleased to announce the addition of Charter Research to the game-changing Devana IGNITE platform. Charter Research is led by industry experts Jeff Pohlig, MBA and Jessica Sletten, MBA, two of the nation’s most highly regarded clinical trials executives. The Charter Research team is passionate about developing new therapies and breakthrough drugs so that people around the world can live better, healthier lives. We’re proud to continue our mission, supporting the backbone operations of work that envisions a better future for generations to come. clinicaltrials metrics clinicalresearch innovativetechnology



We Keep Growing! Meridien Research Joins Devana Solutions’ Innovative Platform.

Devana Solutions, LLC is committed to partnering with some of the world’s leading research sites to help shape the future of the clinical research industry. This week, Devana is pleased to announce the addition of Meridien Research and it’s affiliates to our growing subscriber-partner base. They’ve adopted Devana IGNITE for sites, a user-friendly software platform that simplifies the complex pipeline management process. IGNITE makes the management of business development, contact management, startup activities, study execution and performance metrics capture and analysis easier and faster.

By partnering with CROs and sponsors, Meridien Research study sites continue to be among the leaders in medical research and clinical trials in Florida. Meridien Research provides patients and families an opportunity to take part in clinical research trials for a wide variety of medical conditions. The professional teams at Meridien Research are experienced primarily in Phase Ib – Phase IV trials across a wide variety of therapeutic areas, including psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, OB/GYN, urology, cardiovascular risk-factors, endocrinology, and dermatology. Their studies across multiple locations in Central Florida, and its latest acquisition in Decatur, Georgia called NeuroStudies, help to further science and medicine.

It’s with great pride that we partner with another leading research site whose studies aid in the development of medical therapies that may offer better treatments, and even cures, for life-threatening and chronic diseases. We’re thrilled to welcome them aboard to help them drive better data, better decisions and better outcomes.

Controlling Your Data: Business Development In A Metrics-Based World

The following except is taken from Scaling and Innovating: the Consolidation and Reinvention of Clinical Research Sites, an eBook courtesy of Clinical Research IO.

Please click HERE to view the entire eBook.

Barry Lake is the CEO and co-founder of Devana Solutions, a business analytics, startup and metrics capture solution for research sites and site networks. Prior to starting Devana, Barry ran a research site, where he personally experienced the frustrations of managing a complex pipeline of studies. Barry is a serial entrepreneur who has started and sold various companies in different industries but is presently focused on the clinical trials industry.



The genesis was when I was running a site along with my main business partner and one of our key managers. We observed a lot of inefficiency in the study startup process. We didn’t have a good way to track milestones from initially hearing about a lead all the way through award date, SIV date, first patient in and so on. At the same time, we began hearing from larger CROs that they
were keeping metrics on our site including metrics on how fast we performed in start-up and, of course, screening and enrollment performance. We knew our site was a top performer in our core indications; but we learned that one of the largest CROs had our site on a blacklist, so we tracked them down. The person who maintained the database told us that we were a “zero enroller” on 6 studies. However, their conclusion was based on the fact we were awarded 6 studies; but, in reality, for various reasons, we never actually contracted for those studies. For example, in a couple cases we had competing studies so knew we might struggle enrolling on two very similar trials and, on a couple more, the budget being offered was not sufficient. For all six studies there were valid reasons we passed; but, that CRO’s bad data was standing in the way of our site being considered for future trials.

Based on this painful experience, we quickly realized we needed to take control of our own site performance metrics. That’s when we conceived of the idea behind the Devana Solutions technology. Our software enables sites to keep track of their study pipeline, track critical metrics such as turnaround time on feasibility, contracts, budgets and run reports across start-up milestones and enrollment performance. By the way, one thing we learned is that many of these CRO’s, despite even their own size and sophistication, aren’t using very robust systems themselves. Many times, it’s their spreadsheet vs. the site’s.

“Many times, it’s the CROs spreadsheet vs. the site’s.”



Obviously, you have to be a good site. Let’s assume that for the sake of discussion.

For business development purposes, you need to develop strong relationships. Clinical Trials BD like all sales is very much a people game. A good business development professional is someone who can work independently, is self-motivated and can build and nurture relationships.

But, since it is heavily regulated, the clinical trials industry is very paperwork intensive and study start-up can take a long time. From the time a site gets the first lead about a study to the time it receives an award letter and is greenlighted to begin enrolling, people at the site will, on average, interact with 7 to 8 different people from the sponsor or CRO. Part of this is because of specialized roles at each step of the process, and part of this is probably just natural position changes or turnover. So, a good BD person needs to navigate these relationships and transition effectively, and to do that he or she needs tools to efficiently manage workflows and continuously assess how the site is performing.

For that, you need some kind of a system to track and capture your site’s own performance metrics. Why cede control of your destiny to someone else that says they’re tracking your performance? You should have, at your fingertips, information on your pipeline, your past performance and the specific milestones and metrics of every study you’re working on or have completed in the past and Devana technology does exactly that. “Why cede control of your destiny to someone else who says they’re tracking your performance?”



My guess is they can range from $80,000 to $150,000 dollars a year depending on the market. Add conferences and travel, and you could be easily looking at a $200,000 annual investment. So, a dedicated BD role is something that usually requires a site generating $2 million of annual revenue or more.

For smaller sites, joining a network may make a lot of sense. That way, you’re combining efforts and using that scale to invest in a business development function.

“Why cede control of your destiny to someone else who says they’re tracking your performance?”



A lot of people are collecting these metrics. The large CRO’s and Sponsors are doing this. Software vendors are. Industry consortiums such as Transcelerate are likely taking steps in this direction.

At the site network I was a part of years ago, each month we’d meet with the top CRO’s and review site study performance and the CRO’s current pipelines. They were always tracking how our sites were performing in the start-up and enrollment process – how many patients each site screened, randomized, etc. Most of the CRO’s were using their own systems to capture these metrics.

I want to stress again how important it is that sites track their own metrics. Because there are other study stakeholders trying to track progress, it’s incumbent upon sites to be engaged in the dialogue and know their metrics cold.



Consolidation is here to stay, and here’s why. The CRO consolidation is more or less done – the top 6 or 7 CRO’s have emerged, and they control 70% of outsourced spending from sponsors. Many of the same financial investors that rolled up the CRO space are now rolling up the site space. I date the start of this trend to 2015, when PPD, through a related company, effectively acquired
Radiant Research’s sites and the next year, Synexus. But this trend still has a long way to go.

Most of these integrated site networks are looking for sites with $1 million in cash flow. Personally, I question how many sites of that scale are out there – maybe somewhere in the low to mid-hundred’s in the U.S., based on analysis I’ve seen. Eventually, some of these networks trying to grow in scale may have to explore other avenues for growth such as greenfielding new sites or growing smaller existing sites.



There is wisdom in stressing PI experience for rare disease trials because of access to patients. Over time, if integrated site networks achieve size and scale, I think the industry could shift from a PI-centric perspective to more of a site-centric view.

“Many of the same financial investors that rolled up the CRO space are now rolling up the site space.”



I think data transparency is where things will go and, at Devana Solutions, wewant to help lead the way. The best analogy to gauge where the clinical trials industry is headed would be to look at the history of the financial sector. Back the 50’s, there were no standards for determining who was creditworthy. Bankers would come to people’s homes, perform interviews and make subjective
decisions based on your neighborhood and even the quality of your existing furniture. You can imagine all kinds of problems arising from such a process. Then the financial industry came up with FICO scores standing for the Fair Isaac Credit Organization after the co-founders. Now, every lending decision is driven off that more objective measure, a common standard. If you think about it, we’re doing investigational research on real patients, and lives are at stake. But there is no standard or uniform measure around site performance. That’s got to change, and I believe that will change.


Devana Solutions®, LLC is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to selection of the top performing research sites to align with pharmacensors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure disease. Devana Solutions® offers three platforms, IGNITE, PROPEL and IQ for sponsors and cros, to provide historical and real-time data capture, aggregation and display to drug development stakeholders.

For questions and to schedule an introductory call or demo, contact Barry Lake, CEO & Co-Founder.utical Spo

(301) 471-6962

Another Industry-leading Research Organization Joins the Devana Solutions Platform

Devana Solutions, LLC is thrilled to announce the addition of yet another industry-leading research organization onto Devana Solutions, LLC IGNITE, an innovative site operations and analytics platform. Segal Trials is a network of 6 research sites focused on women’s health, mental health and addiction. With offices in South Florida and South Carolina, Segal Trials conducts Phase I-IV research trials. Recently, Segal Trials was recognized for their creativity by being crowned the winner of the 2019 PopUpStar Competition, where sites around the world compete to help promote Clinical Research as a Care Option. Devana Solutions, LLC salutes and offers our sincere congratulations to Segal Trials on receiving this honor!

We proudly support Segal Trials mission and look forward to our innovative Devana Solutions, LLC technology supporting the network as they lead the way in leveraging data analytics to drive clinical trial cycle time reduction to ensure advanced therapies get to patients faster and more cost effectively.

Our Subscriber-Partner Base is Growing!

Devana Solutions, LLC is proud to announce their newest partner-client, Evolution Research Group (ERG). Congratulations to ERG on joining the bold roster of research organizations leveraging the innovative technology at Devana Solutions, LLC to capture and display performance metrics to prove therapeutic strengths and enrollment capabilities, and study start-up/timing metrics to constantly improve efficiency and prove their operational-expertise to Sponsors and CROs. Evolution Research Group is one of the largest research organizations in the nation with 13 sites focusing on conducting clinical trials for healthy individuals and those suffering from pain, neurologic and psychiatric disorders, special populations, NASH, diabetes and other debilitating diseases. Their research subjects make medical discoveries and scientific developments possible. Using the Devana Solutions, LLC platform, Evolution Research Group is certain to save time and increase productivity to accelerate therapeutic advances for less cost.

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