Case Study: Network of Independent Research Sites

A network of 16 investigator sites with over 3,000 completed trials and 250 investigators



+ In the consolidating research site sector, a group of 16 established high-performing, independently-owned sites organized their Business Development efforts under a common site network brand

+ The resulting 650% increase in Sponsor/CRO study opportunities into the network drove the need for pipeline management solution configured for the unique stages and workflows of the clinical trials industry

+ Strategically, the network leadership sought to leverage real-time access to site performance metrics data as a point of differentiation in their offering to Sponsors and CROs


The Need:

+ Visibility into the full study pipeline while capturing key performance metrics at each site. Quickly pulling metrics reports to aggregate for feasibility submissions and create a ‘Virtual Site Network’.


The Outcome:

+ By mandating the use of the Devana IGNITE platform at each independent site, the network was able to provide a major global CRO with advanced performance metrics in a specific indication including: completed trials in the primary/secondary indication, total completed patients, available patients in the indication, contract met percentage and average turnaround times at crucial start-up stages and overall study start-up time

+ As the only CRO with these advanced metrics, their proposal to the Sponsor included a 6 – 8 week reduction in start-up time given the network’s demonstrated start-up proficiency and quicker trial completion based on the network’s proven patient enrollment performance

+ Based on this distinct competitive advantage, the CRO received a multi-million dollar service award and, in turn, exclusively-aligned with the site network for completing the trial

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