Case Study: Leading Academic Research Center


+Hundreds of study opportunities to consider for feasibility to determine which were a therapeutic fit – based on physician investigator and staff experience and availability

+Feasibility Analysis Team lacked transparency into historic and currently running clinical trials to gauge past trial success and current investigator bandwidth

+Study selection and start-up process was tied to cumbersome spreadsheets making it time-consuming and inefficient; inability to provide crucial KPIs to system administrators


The Need:

+ Ability to capture and analyze historic and real-time trial performance metrics for improved feasibility and study selection

+ A platform to provide a unified, automated process for managing study workflows and milestones


The Outcome:

+ Within 6-weeks the Devana IGNITE system was configured to the client’s workflows, data from 1400+ clinical trials was organized and imported and the feasibility and research operations team was trained

+ Research staff unified on a common data analytics platform providing transparency on historical and current trial data across the organization

+ The volume of trial opportunities being tracked in the pipeline was doubled and detailed metrics and statuses on over 250 currently running trials were available. Key metrics including enrollment, contract met percentage, current study stage, and completed milestones were available in real time.

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