Accel Research Sites makes clinical trials more accessible with Devana Solutions’ PROPEL platform

Chapel Hill (February 22, 2022) – Accel Research Sites is bringing clinical trials to even more patients, right where they live and work, thanks to an industry-leading clinical trial platform from Devana Solutions.

Accel is the latest clinical trial network to convert to Devana’s PROPEL Enterprise Platform, which will help the organization connect central teams to site-based staff and clinicians. The company previously used Devana’s IGNITE platform to automate workflow at the start of studies and to gain insight into performance metrics.

“PROPEL literally brings the site to the patient,” according to Barry Lake, Devana Solutions’ CEO and Co-Founder. “Like most leading research site networks, our Accel client-partner has used our IGNITE technology to standardize the trial startup workflows and analytics for their central operations team but, with PROPEL, Accel’s clin-ops professionals collaborate in a common cloud with their site-based colleagues, providing patients with access to trials in the communities where they live and work. We are thrilled that the team at Accel is leading this transformational shift.”

Accel will use PROPEL to connect the centralized management team in Florida with clinicians across 24 sites. With the shift from IGNITE, Accel will see increased efficiencies and precision around site selection, as well as faster site startup and exceptional trial execution.

“When the pandemic hit, we at Accel had to reimagine many of our normal processes so we could both help with the global health crisis and continue to keep our participants healthy and safe,” said Lora Parahovnik, CEO. “Working with Devana has helped us become more efficient. We’re looking forward to continuing to push forward in clinical trial operations by leaning on a cutting-edge platform like PROPEL.”

Devana Solutions is a market leader in clinical trial SaaS for study startup automation, metrics capture and analytics. Accel has been a partner since 2019, recently moving to the PROPEL platform as the company has grown.

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About Devana Solutions

Decentralized clinical trials and work-from-anywhere is now a reality. Devana Solutions innovative cloud platform supports real-time collaboration between central research operations professionals and decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse communities. Devana even bridges the technology access and data divide by seamlessly and securely connecting decentralized researchers to other mission-critical clinical trials systems. From pipeline administration to rapid study startup automation. From document-sharing through the capture, display, analysis, and exchange of key trial performance metrics data from central research leaders to decentralized trial teams. From investigative site to CRO to trial sponsor, Devana Solutions is the answer. At Devana Solutions, we’re transforming the business of clinical trials.

About Accel Research Sites

Accel Research Sites is a multi-therapeutic network of clinical research sites dedicated to the expert delivery of treatment options to patients and providers. They partner with the most innovative and significant pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies worldwide to advance healthcare and wellness in the communities they serve.