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By Barry Lake, CEO, Devana Solutions LLC

March 28, 2017

I can sense that some of you have read the headline to this blog and are smiling wryly at the thought anyone would believe that ‘creative disruption’ is a real thing in the marketing world.

We at Devana Solutions think it is and it lies at the heart of the change that we feel we are bringing to the clinical trials industry.

‘Disruption’ is one of those words that had become over-used and in doing so has lost its original power.

I have sat through many presentations of so-called disruptive campaigns which were nothing of the sort – and anyway, true disruption is unlikely to be achieved solely through advertising or any other kind of marketing communications.

To my mind, true creative disruption is not about memorable messages and innovative marketing delivery mechanisms.

It starts with the product and whether it has the potential to change the course of a marketplace, shift everyone’s perception of the norm and change the way things are done.

The biggest and probably still the best example is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2017.

Apple launched the iPhone on June 29, 2007, after Steve Jobs unveiled it at Macworld in January of that year.

We all take smartphones for granted now and would be lost without them.

So you may have forgotten that the launch of the iPhone was the first time the world had seen a phone controlled through a touchscreen – up until that point, and in a world that Blackberry dominated, they all had keyboards.

The marketing of the iPhone was fabulous (and it did include traditional advertising with the ‘Hello’ campaign, though people often falsely recall that it did not) but the true disruption came from the product and the way it re-shaped the market for users and manufacturers.

Any mention of Blackberry reminds us that when creative disruption takes place, it can be costly, if not fatal, to fail to recognize the moment and cling for too long on the old way of doing things.

And if the recent history of Blackberry doesn’t teach that lesson, consider the case of Kodak which invented the digital camera.

Kodak built a prototype in 1975 which it called “filmless photography”.  By 2005 it had the best-selling digital camera in the US, the Easy Share line of products.

But somewhere along the line, Kodak misread the direction of the market as a result of the disruption it had helped create. It clung onto the profits of its legacy analog film business for too long and as margins plummeted on digital cameras, Kodak effectively went out of business, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2012.

The technology that Devana Solutions is bringing to the clinical trials industry is a game-changer and definitely represents creative disruption in the industry.

We think everyone can win in this wave of disruption – using Devana Solutions® Ignite for Sites technology, the ‘good’ sites use performance metrics data that enables them to demonstrate their effectiveness and the sites that need to improve get valuable data that helps them to see where they need to invest and strengthen their performance.

As the past 10 years has reminded us: creative disruption is a very real and powerful phenomenon – with massive upside for those who embrace it and catastrophic consequences for those who miss the boat.





Devana Solutions® is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency and data analytics technology to aid in selection of the top-performing Research Sites to align with pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs is key to reducing drug costs and curing disease. Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES cloud-based technology adds value to top Research Sites by centralizing study leads and contacts, automating pipeline administration and study document tracking to cut management time in half while proprietary algorithms simultaneously track site timing and performance metrics from study lead through trial completion. With a couple of mouse clicks, these metrics can be standardized into robust reports for drug sponsors and CROs to validate the sites’ capabilities. Devana Solutions® MATCH PERFORMANCE reduces site selection risk for sponsors and CROs by providing dashboard and report capabilities not limited simply to a site’s historical trials; but, real-time site performance & timing metrics on currently running trials, improving trial feasibility and performance while reducing clinical trial cycle time and costs. Devana Solutions® technology is leading a transformation of the clinical trials industry and each investigative site’s “Devana Score” will become the “S&P Global Ratings”-equivalent for the clinical trials industry against which clinical trial performance by sites is measured. To learn more visit https://devanasolutions.com.