Announcing our Newest Partner-Client – hyperCORE International

Devana Solutions, LLC is one of the clinical research industry’s most innovative technology companies serving and partnering with the industry’s leading research organizations. This week we’re pleased to announce and introduce our latest partner-client: hyperCORE International – the second largest clinical research site organization in the world!

hyperCORE International is a super network of highly experienced and awarded clinical research site/network companies. hyperCORE International unifies the clinical research industry’s most respected and advanced research site companies, facilitating a level of unparalleled collaboration. hyperCORE International is an industry leader providing Phase I-IV clinical trial services with more than 81 active research sites across the globe. Its member companies have completed more than 6,000 studies helping to evaluate thousands of new drugs and treatments in more than 15,000,000 patients. Each member operates as an independent company but, through the sharing of best practices, hyperCORE International accelerates every aspect of the research site process – from feasibility through study start-up and completion. Its members have won numerous awards for performance, quality and innovation.

hyperCORE International partner members leveraging Devana Solutions, LLC flagship easy-to-use Devana IGNITE cloud software to simplify contact and account management, study start-up and execution, while seamlessly capturing performance metrics for analytics and reporting include: AGA Clinical Trials of Hialeah, Florida; Benchmark Research of Austin, Texas; Clinical Site Partners of Miami, Florida; Clinical Trials of Texas of San Antonio, Texas; DIEX Recherche of Sherbrooke, Canada; IACT Health of Columbus, Georgia; and LMC Manna Research of Toronto, Canada.

In another milestone for Devana Solutions, LLC, these member networks will operate Devana IGNITE in tandem with Devana PROPEL for hyperCORE International providing an operating system to support collaboration across the super network.

The future of clinical research is here. Devana Solutions, LLC, powering better data, better decisions and better outcomes.  #clinicalresearch #clinicaltrials #data #metrics #innovativetechnology