2021 SCRS Site Solutions Summit: Clinical Trial Data Management Demo

The SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit is quickly approaching, and the clinical research industry is eager to reunite, face to face, in Hollywood, Florida. While a great time will be had by all, we are most excited about making improvements in the clinical trial space. From sensational speakers to informative sessions and workshops, to the exhibitor booths, there is something for everyone at the Site Solutions Summit; and while there are many valuable events at the Summit, spending just 15 minutes at the Devana Solutions’ booth for a live demo of our innovative platform could result in a significant and positive impact on your research organization.

Here’s what you can gain from a 15-minute demo of the Devana Solutions’ platform.

Gain a Complete View of the Clinical Trial Data Stream

From initial trial lead through close-out, the amount of data to be analyzed can become overwhelming. Many research organizations only focus on analytics centered around active clinical trials and patient visits, but by doing so, they are missing out on critical data that can be used to their advantage.

Navigating through the Devana Solutions’ platform, you’ll find workflow automation and data around business development, feasibility and site selection, contract and budget negotiations, startup activities and timelines, indication performance history, site and investigator capabilities, and much more. Devana Solutions helps to unlock key data and provides complete visibility into all aspects of the clinical trial process, giving your research organization a competitive edge.

Utilize Clinical Trial Data to Make Better Business Decisions

Many technologies claim to track key data around the clinical trial process, but is this data relevant to your organization or only to the trial, itself? While we can agree that there is key data that all research organizations should be tracking at the trial level, what about an organization’s internal metrics around their unique processes? Devana Solutions works with each client to customize their platform to provide metrics that are specific to their organization, not just the trial. This is a different approach than other clinical trial technology solution providers take. By tailoring our robust platform to each client, based on their current processes and future goals, Devana’s clients are able to make more informed business decisions. When you participate in a Devana demo, we invite you to ask questions around your own needs and future goals so we can show you how Devana’s technology can bring your vision to life.

Experience New Efficiencies in the Clinical Trial Process

By tailoring Devana’s platform specifically to each research organization, our clients benefit from an unsurpassed level of workflow automation to increase their efficiency throughout multiple processes, whether they be relative to the trial itself or other organizational-specific processes. By streamlining these processes, Devana clients are able to save a significant amount of time and reduce or completely eliminate duplicate data-entry. During a Devana demo, you may start to question your current processes and that’s okay; that’s what we expect you to do. Challenge the status quo and ask yourself how Devana can help you streamline your processes and make the day-to-day a little less cumbersome.

Learn How Devana Solutions Integrates with Your Existing Software

While Devana Solutions is valuable as a standalone product to manage clinical trial startup activities and internal processes, it is complementary with other technology solutions that you may already be utilizing. Currently, Devana Solutions has a full integration with three of the major CTMS providers; RealTime CTMS, Clinical Research I.O. (CRIO), and Clinical Conductor.

Connecting these technologies allows research organizations to save time on study-build within the CTMS by reducing duplicate data entry for study teams. These integrations also provide real-time screening and enrollment metrics to be captured for robust analysis and reporting within Devana, offering a true end to end clinical trial operating system.

Aside from CTMS integrations, Devana also integrates with MailChimp, Tableau and Outlook and with an open API-structure, has the ability to do custom integrations for their clients. We welcome you to ask about integration possibilities during your Devana demo.

Here’s what some of the industry’s biggest names say about their success with Devana Solutions.

Meet our team

Stop by Booth 512, to meet a few of the Devana Solutions’ family, including our CEO and Co-founder, Barry Lake, Vice-President of Operations, Linda Parks,

Director of Customer Success, Roxanne Shenefield, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Emily Wike and Customer Success Specialist, Lorraine Da Mata.

Interested in scheduling a demo before you arrive at the Summit? Connect with our team here, and add a Devana demo to your “to-do” list. Need a guide to other must-attend events? We’ve put that list together for you. See you at the SCRS Site Solutions Summit!