2021 Global Site Solutions Summit Must-Attend Events

The clinical trials industry is buzzing with excitement as the countdown to the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit commences. Taking place October 1st through 3rd, live and in-person, this year’s Summit is sure to be one for the books. The team at Devana Solutions, a 2021 Site Solutions Summit Premiere and Experience Sponsor have broken down some of this year’s must-attend events.  

Global Site Solutions Summit 

The Global Site Solutions Summit, otherwise known as “the site’s meeting”, is one of the industry’s most anticipated events. Bringing together sites, sponsors, CROs and innovative minds, the Summit has one sole purpose; to improve the clinical trial space and advance medicine together! This year’s event will be held at the spectacular Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida.  

As you begin to fill your calendar, Devana Solutions has a look at some of the “can’t miss” workshops, sessions, and events on the agenda.  

If you plan to arrive on the 30th, you will have access to the early registration and two Site Partnership Symposiums with Lilly and IQVIA. The official Summit kick-off is October 1st and attendees can look forward to a full day of workshops. One we highly recommend attending is the Master Workshop III at 2:00 PM: 

Position Your Site to Lead the Charge to the Future of Decentralized, Patient-centric Clinical Trials 

Devana Solutions CEO and Co-Founder, Barry Lake, joined by a distinguished panel of industry leaders from the site sector and a major global CRO, will lead an interactive discussion on the rapid evolution, spurred by the pandemic, towards a more decentralized, patient-centric approach to designing and executing clinical trials.   

You will gain knowledge in these three key areas:  

  • Gain a better understanding of the rapid transition to more decentralized, patient-centric clinical trial solutions  
  • Understand the resulting impacts being felt at the site-level; such as the rapid adoption of telemedicine, devices, wearables, and innovative technology platforms, transforming clinical trial management which could have profound implications for sites  
  • Better position your site organization to embrace the change and thrive in a future decentralized clinical trial environment, ultimately for the benefit of the patients     

Joining Barry will be:   

Irfan Khan, CEO of Circuit Clinical  

Paul Evans, CEO of Velocity Clinical Research  

Jeff Kingsley, CEO of IACT Health & COO of hyperCORE  

If you have never attended the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit, you will want to make sure you attend the Opening and Welcome in the Great Hall with SCRS’ Allyson Small, Sean Soth, and Casey Orvin. This event takes place at 4:00 PM on Friday, prior to the opening of the EXPO Hall. 

EXPO Hall Opens and Opening Reception  

The EXPO Hall opens at 6:00 PM on Friday, with the opening reception lasting until 7:30 PM. SCRS has taken many safety precautions in the wake of COVID-19, such as a larger Exhibitor Hall, timed entry and fewer exhibitor booths for wider aisles and more spacing. Here is the latest safety announcement from the SCRS team.  

Devana Solutions will be located at booth 512 and is excited to announce a few different events within our booth. 

On-Site Demo and $250 Amazon Gift Card Drawing Opportunity  

We welcome you to join us for a live demo of the Devana Solutions platform, which unlocks complete visibility into your clinical trials and helps to make more informed business decisions. We will be holding a drawing for eligible attendees who participate in an on-site demo. One lucky winner will be randomly drawn for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card. 

Are You on Target with Your Clinical Trial Business Development?  

Making business decisions is easy when your data is targeted. Devana Solutions is the complete solution for clinical trials industry leaders who rely upon opportunities secured, as well as opportunities missed.  

Are you taking aim at the right targets? Let’s find out!  

Join us at Booth 512 to test your aim.  If you can hit the bullseye, you will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. 

Meet Devana the Huntress  

In Slavic mythology, our namesake, Devana, translates to the Goddess of the Hunt, a fitting moniker since the Devana Solutions platform helps your business track clinical trial data from a high-level and focus on your target. 

Devana, the huntress herself, will be attending the Opening Reception on Friday. Devana is a rebel with a love of freedom and an obsession for the hunt. We channel her rebellious nature with our disruptive technology. We invite you to stop by booth 512 for a chance to meet Devana and snag a photo with her for your social accounts. We could use a little light-hearted fun while discussing the serious nature of our business, after all.  

On Saturday, October 2, there will be additional registration opportunities for the Summit, a breakfast, and another SCRS welcome before a day full of events.  

The first we are excited about is Breakout Session I, What We Really Want: Site & Patient Input for Vendors with Respect to Technology, taking place at 1:30 PM.  

What We Really Want: Site & Patient Input for Vendors with Respect to Technology  

This will be a great session, as it’s focused on where technology will take the clinical trials industry.  Sites and patients will share their hopes and expectations for technology providers in the clinical research space. Similar to a focus group, this Breakout Session will collaboratively collect perspectives from the field to help impress future technology adoption and advancement.  

Devana Solutions CEO and Co-Founder, Barry Lake  will serve as one of the panelists, alongside Mary Costello, Head of Site & Investigator Network, Medable, Inc.  

The event will be facilitated by Doug Schantz, VP, Clinical Operations, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Trust-Building: Utilizing Your Data to Validate Your Site  

Breakout Session II Trust-Building: Utilizing Your Data to Validate Your Site, another event we are eagerly anticipating, takes place at 3:00 PM.  

Devana Solutions CEO and Co-Founder, Barry Lake will facilitate the panel.  

With sponsors and CROs seeking increased visibility into sites’ potential patient access, gone are the days when studies were awarded based on site feasibility forms or site selection visits alone. This session will help you understand the data sources that sponsors and CROs are using to further validate your site and provide perspective on what kinds of data you should track and share to position your site for selection.  

Barry will be joined by Kerry Gorman, Director, Strategic Site Solutions, IQVIA and   

Jeff Stein, President, Stamford Therapeutics Consortium.  

As a 2021 Site Solutions Summit Premiere and Experience Sponsor, the entire Devana Solutions team is excited to see you at the SCRS Global Site Summit in Hollywood, Florida.     

If you’d like to schedule an on-site demo with our team (and enter for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card), fill out your information below, and the Devana Solutions team will reach out to you prior to the Summit.  

Have a question?  Ask it here too!  We love talking about data and processes to increase clinical trial efficiency and help make more informed business decisions. 

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