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Prestigious Academic Research Health System Leverages Devana Solutions® for Clinical Trial Performance Data Transparency Across Footprint 

CHAPEL HILL, NC, November 7, 2017 – The clinical research operations team in one of the most prestigious academic research hospitals in the U.S. is responsible for tracking, analyzing and considering literally hundreds of clinical trial opportunities that land in their department. With multiple Physician Investigators spanning therapeutic indications and spread across the health system’s vast footprint, simply determining which study lead merited a feasibility analysis response was a major undertaking. The research team was bogged down in cumbersome spreadsheets and trying unsuccessfully to tailor CRM systems like Salesforce.com to restore order and efficiency in place of a chaotic, time-consuming process. Feeling constantly overwhelmed, the research group tasked a new team member with building the case to find and implement a better solution for reporting, analyzing and sharing clinical trial performance data.

With prior background as a research coordinator at two major research centers, the team member found ample evidence to support the need for a better system. The sheer volume of study leads that poured into the acclaimed academic research hospital from pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs was problematic enough. Compounding the problem, leads were often missing unique trial identifying numbers, often had limited protocol details and the research operations group lacked transparency into metrics on important criteria such as the number of successfully completed trials by Investigator, indication and patient volume making it difficult to complete accurate feasibility analyses on new trial opportunities. In addition, the entire team lacked visibility as to the status of currently running trials to gauge Investigator bandwidth with much of this critical information residing in a senior manager’s head. To make matters worse, research operations felt pressure over their inability to report accurate study performance metrics to the health system’s senior administration.

These problems made it easy for the research team lead to document the business case to evaluate software proposals from at least three vendors, a mandate since the health system received state-funding. Unfortunately, the search for any solution that met the research center’s needs was proving futile until, as luck would have it, a new team member stopped by an industry conference exhibit in April 2016, just days after Devana Solutions® launched their initial flagship IGNITE FOR SITES platform. Following this chance encounter, the team at this esteemed academic research center immediately began writing the business case, ultimately approved, to justify bypassing the traditional 3-quote minimum formal RFP process to speed adoption of Devana Solutions IGNITE FOR SITES technology.

Devana’s IGNITE FOR SITES is a real-time data capture, integration and analytics platform that helps research sites and networks automate their study pipeline, aggregate and analyze historical trial performance and track critical study information and documents throughout the life cycle of the trial with particular focus on study start-up activities. The platform was developed by the leaders of a network of over 20 independent research sites to manage an annual influx of over 2,000 study leads across the spectrum of therapeutic indications and attached to multiple pharmaceutical industry contacts, all with varying protocols, timelines, investigator and documentation requirements. The Devana Solutions research professionals used their unique domain expertise to design IGNITE FOR SITES to provide order, structure and time-saving automation to clinical trial pipeline and contact management and the flow of critical study data and documents. Whether tracking trial opportunities or performing feasibility analyses, IGNITE FOR SITES proprietary algorithms capture and display the critical timing metrics associated with the flow of key study documents including feasibility and regulatory submissions, contract and budget turnaround times and cycle time from study activation to patient screening.

The research operations group worked closely with the Devana Solutions® Training & Consulting professionals to organize, load and map the wealth of historical trial performance data from the health system’s massive volume of completed trials over the years. There was even a large amount of data that was in free text format which the Devana Solutions data specialists converted and mapped to IGNITE FOR SITES for successful upload. Within just six weeks of implementation, Devana Solutions® had imported the data from over 800 historic trials and the research operations team was trained to customize dashboard and report views in IGNITE for the senior Health System Administration on countless clinical trial performance metrics across Investigators, indications and patient populations including by total trials completed, patients completed, screened, early terminations and contract met percentage, to name just a few.

Even more transformative for a top-ranked research center, once fully up and running in less than 8 weeks, the Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES enterprise solution unified all functional research groups on a common data analytics platform providing an unprecedented level of transparency into not just historic trial performance but also data on all currently running trials across the entire health system. Within a few short months of adoption, the research operations team using IGNITE FOR SITES had doubled the volume of clinical trial opportunities that they were actively tracking to over 1400 and could display and analyze detailed metrics reports on over 250 currently running trials across the entire health system footprint.



Devana Solutions®, LLC is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is key in selection of the top performing research sites to align with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug cost and cure diseases. Devana Solutions® offers two platforms, IGNITE FOR SITES and MATCH PERFORMANCE, to provide historical and real-time data capture, aggregation and display to drug development stakeholders. To learn more visit https://devanasolutions.com.