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Cloud-based platform captures trial site real time performance data

OCTOBER 17, 2017, CHARLESTON, SC – Site selection for clinical trials is one of the biggest headaches for pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs, with almost half of sites enrolling zero or one patient. Those under-performing sites annually cost Sponsors over $4 billion globally excluding opportunity costs.

Today, Devana Solutions® announced the release of MATCH PERFORMANCE, a powerful new cloud-based system to provide Sponsors and CROs with unique transparency into the timing and performance metrics of investigative sites.

“The challenge of sorting good and bad sites is difficult in a fragmented, cottage industry with very little publicly available data on research site capabilities. It is not surprising that almost half those sites enroll zero or just one patient. With industry estimates for site initiation costs at around $40,000 per site, this lack of transparency into site performance metrics is a costly problem,” explains Barry Lake, CEO of Devana Solutions®.

“Now, in the same disruptive way Uber made hailing a cab obsolete, with IGNITE FOR SITES and MATCH PERFORMANCE technology, the Sponsor or CRO gains real transparency into actual site metrics to improve trial feasibility and performance, align with top clinical research sites, reduce the cycle time and costs of a trial and, eventually, reduce the high cost of drug development.”

Sponsors and CROs currently collect data on trial site performance, but their ability to gather reliable site timing and performance metrics is mostly limited to data gathered from sites they hire for their own clinical trials. Those metrics are outdated the moment after they are gathered.

In addition, despite technological advances, it is still common practice for Sponsors and CROs to rely on self-prepared, paper feasibility submissions from sites that are often inaccurate in terms of capabilities and trial experience. These inefficiencies often force Sponsors and CROs to make assumptions on site qualifications that are not based on reliable, tangible past and current performance metrics.

MATCH PERFORMANCE cloud technology platform addresses these problems, allowing Sponsors and CROs to align with the best research sites for each trial opportunity, by capturing and aggregating the historical and real-time performance metrics across every trial a site has completed or is running with competing Sponsor and CRO information fully blinded or de-identified.


The key to MATCH PERFORMANCE’s effectiveness is in Devana Solutions’® previously launched companion technology, the recently re-branded IGNITE FOR SITES, a real-time data capture, integration and analytics platform introduced in May 2016 and used by the leading investigative sites themselves to save time and win more of the right trial awards.

If sites or networks running IGNITE are selected for a Sponsor or CRO’s “preferred or partner site” or similar program, the site or network can choose to engage proprietary algorithms to automatically capture, aggregate and display timing and performance metrics for their chosen Sponsor or CRO partners subscribing to a companion MATCH PERFORMANCE platform. Over 150 investigative sites are presently using IGNITE FOR SITES and that number is growing rapidly. Sites on IGNITE gain operational transparency across their entire site and network since site users work on a common platform to automate study start-up, track critical documents and performance against key milestones. In addition, the feasibility process is streamlined since historical trial metrics data can be aggregated, displayed and analyzed fostering more predictability of trial performance and greatly enhancing a site or network’s stature with Sponsor and CRO clients.

MATCH PERFORMANCE regularly synchronizes performance data populating from sites operating IGNITE whom are selected and opt into a Sponsor or CROs partner-program to a secure platform where it is accessed by the subscribing partner Sponsors and CROs. These metrics are captured instantaneously on MATCH PERFORMANCE and can be displayed and analyzed through more than 100 customized reports and easy-to-read dashboards giving instant access to important site performance measures across therapeutic indications including analysis of completed and active patient volume, contract met percentage, speed of enrollment and start-up times.

“MATCH PERFORMANCE and IGNITE FOR SITES are the leading platforms to collect, aggregate and analyze data directly from the source, clinical research sites,” added Lake.

The pricing model

At this early stage, the initial price for entry for Sponsors or CROs interested in MATCH PERFORMANCE is a commitment to share the cost of IGNITE FOR SITES multi-year subscriptions and the cost of configuring the data synchronization on behalf of a significant number of trial sites selected for their “preferred”, “partner” or equivalent program of aligning with top research sites.

IGNITE FOR SITES subscription model pricing starts at $450 per month for a single investigative site with two users. Multi-site and Site Network versions with five or more users can achieve per-user volume discounts based on level of customization required and access to enhanced product training and support.



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Devana Solutions® LLC is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that data transparency through technology is critical to selection of the top performing research sites to align with pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to reduce drug development costs and cure diseases. Devana Solutions® offers two platforms, IGNITE FOR SITES and MATCH PERFORMANCE, to provide historical and real-time data capture, aggregation and display to drug development stakeholders. To learn more visit https://devanasolutions.com.