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Site Performance Metrics to Improve Site Selection

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Gain Transparency into Site Performance

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Site Performance Metrics Reports
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Now Sponsors/CROs have access to reliable historical and real-time Site performance data to identify and select the best research sites.

Reliable sources estimate that $4 billion each year is wasted on zero-enrolling or under-enrolling sites. MATCH PERFORMANCE reduces site selection risk by providing site performance transparency.


The Challenge

Industry-wide, 50% of investigative sites enroll zero or just one patient into clinical trials. Selection of the top-performing research sites is critical to cycle time and trial cost reduction. But, in the absence of site performance data that can be trusted, Sponsors and CROs face a major challenge finding and selecting the top research sites.

Sure, Sponsors and CROs maintain a database of investigative sites. Many even gather site metrics. Unfortunately, these metrics are static and outdated the second after they are collected.

Further, the metrics collected are limited only to those trials where the investigative site was previously contracted by the Sponsor or CRO. Until now, the industry had no visibility into a sites’ performance on trials completed across all Sponsors and CROs.

Finally, despite technological advances, a reliance remains on self-prepared, paper-based Site Feasibility Submissions. This often forces Sponsors and CROs to make assumptions on which sites are the most qualified for any given trial rather than evaluating reliable, tangible past and current performance metrics to make an informed selection.

We've Got the Answer

MORE site metrics.

With Devana Solutions® MATCH PERFORMANCE, top research sites running IGNITE FOR SITES can choose to align with preferred Sponsors and CROs and regularly synchronize not just historical site timing and performance data but real-time metrics on currently running studies.

MORE CURRENT site metrics.

With Devana Solutions® MATCH PERFORMANCE, Sponsors and CROs can access and analyze not just historical site performance but real-time performance since metrics data is regularly synchronizing from investigative sites running IGNITE FOR SITES.

MORE ACCURATE site metrics.

With Devana Solutions® MATCH PERFORMANCE, Sponsors and CROs can view and evaluate tangible, reliable data from partner-sites. No more dependence on sites’ self-prepared, hard to verify feasibility submissions. This data transparency dramatically reduces site selection risk, improves trial feasibility and performance by cutting cycle time to speed new drug therapies to market at a lower cost.

Better data means better site selection.

Better sites means improved feasibility, trial performance, shorter cycle times and lower drug development costs.

The ultimate goal: lower cost treatment options for patients.

Key Features

MATCH PERFORMANCE gives CROs and Sponsors instant access to over 70 preloaded, custom site metrics reports and dashboards including:

  • Completed trials patient volume
  • Completed trials contract-met percentage
  • Trials completed by indication
  • Site start-up Timing Metrics
  • Site Enrollment Performance

MATCH PERFORMANCE allows CROs and Sponsors and their preferred research site or network partners to achieve performance data transparency while, at the same time, proprietary technology de-identifies and secures all confidential information.

Select the Top Research Sites.

Reduce Cycle Time. Reduce Clinical Trial Costs. Lower Drug Development Costs. Lower the Cost of Treatment Options.